Things can only become a favourite because someone attach a meaning to it.

A flower, a location, a word, a phrase, a food, people. YOU

Sunflowers meant nothing to me until you came along
Pasir Ris Park meant nothing to me until you came along
Yishun meant nothing to me until you came along

Memories, can’t be erased, can only be faded.
Feelings, can never be choose to  ignored, can only be let go.

I thank you, for being you
for teaching me, me

I thank you for giving up on me
with that, teaching me to never give up on myself

To say live your life without regrets is easy, but yet regrets happen because we will only grow to know what’s best after it happens

I’ll say, live your everyday a little better than you are yesterday 💟

To you,

I was thinking of things and couldn’t really sleep. I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you, I’ll really love to be able to share with you things, kinda like for you to understand me more as well. And of course, if you have some inner thoughts or feelings, I hope of you to be able to share with me too.

It came across my mind that I’ve been having troubles with relationships. You, my mother, manager, friends, etc. Seems like from young till now, I aren’t able to manage a relationship well. That’s why I felt and don’t feel comfortable enough to put anyone in the close friends or BFF category. And perhaps it’s true, I’m afraid to be vulnerable, I’m afraid to be hurt, thus I choose to push people away. And you my dear, you felt the most because you were the closest to me, still.

I thought about why I love watching the return of superman show so much. I agree, it’s not productive, it’s just a reality show with dads and kids. But it warms my heart so so much. It fills my heart with so much love that I crave for. I love the triplets alot, and I’ve found the reason why. They are being brought up in a environment full of love, care and trust. And compliments. I kinda understand true love more from this dad too. He never expects anything from his kids. He’ll just be very happy when they can do something and shower then with kisses and compliments. It’s so real, and I think that’s what true love is. Putting in so much love, and not expecting anything as results. He taught me the importance of acknowledging and complimenting too.

And I think that is a solution to all relationship issue. Esp between us, we always felt unheard from each other. And if we could make that conscious effort to acknowledge and say that i hear you, you’re unhappy, and apologize for it in a nice tone. And make an effort to remember to not to do the same again, It will soften the atmosphere so much, I truly believe in that. And there wouldn’t be a need for us to go back to that same issue again in the future, because we were not felt clearly heard from each other.

Watching the show, makes me feel like having a baby. I’ll want to be that father who love and trust the triplets. Who shower the babies with compliments to let them know that they’re being love. And compliment them for slowly improving and being better growing up. All in all, I want the baby, with the husband I love, and whom love me too. Don’t take it too strongly, I honestly didn’t pray that it has to be you. I’m still conflicted, but I know I want someone who fits that above criteria at the end of the day. Though some parts of me is still hoping that it could be you.

I don’t really expect a reply or respond to this. After all its just my thoughts voicing out, and piecing things together. And understanding myself more, and learning to accept why I do the things I do…

It is precisely because it isn’t easy that it is worth it


First blog post in this year. And what makes me remember my WordPress is because I have many things to write, but didn’t wanted people on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to know. And it just feel restricted!

Past months have given me the feeling of love. Much much much love that I’ve been wanting for the longest time ever. He gives me the kind of emotional support, reassurance, intellectual and spiritual growth, confidence, self worth, leadership that fits me.

Used to think that perfect fit is a cheesy phrase. I think for this relationship, it’s only fair to use it. Twin flame, soulmates, whatever you call it. Note that I’m not a cheesy person like this, and labeling a person until this extent took me really long of confirmation to agree on it.

True love. Something so precious that I find it deserving of our relationship. He brings out the best it me, making me the most real and true self that I can ever me. Likewise, I am too, to him.

What’s more we have the blessing of the sales legend. She, who despite of her really busy schedule, took effort to give me a really open and genuine advice. We treasure it. We give the commitment that we will, be that one couple that gives her hope that there is indeed a couple that can be happily ever after. Dawned upon me that during a colleague church wedding this morning when the newly wed were reciting the vow, it felt excatly the same commitment that we’re making. โ™ฅ

5 years of relationship that I give up, sadly it wasn’t even worth these months of intense growth. Fortunately it has taught me many things that I am still ad ever sincerely been grateful for. ๐Ÿ™‚


Totally can’t wait for the day when we can officially declare this relationship. Finally, will be something that I’ll most probably exclaimed!  My closest colleague can even sense that he’s definitely the right guy for me by just meeting and talking to him once. Amazing isn’t it?

House, marriage. So so much motivation to do well! Time to go all out to prospect more! 💪💪💪




it was nice being loved and loving this cute boy!
sorry that I have been such an idiot these few months throwing temper like nothing. :S
tyvm for still being able to tolerate me.
please don’t stop tolerating me! ๐Ÿ˜‰

love you many many okayyyy?
loads of hugs & kisses! XOXO.