Would you leave everything and work overseas for 2 years

Honestly, I think I could
Even if that means leaving my clients and handling them over to someone and forgo my renewal commisions

But perhaps what I may have concerns leaving is my grandma ..


GQ posted this scenerio to me before what if he has the opportunity to go US to work for 2 years, will I be willing to leave everything in SG to go over with him? And if I wasn’t he will not express his interest in it and reject that offer

The first time he asked, I thought I would’t be willing to leave my clients, for the sake of so called responsiblity. After the second time he asked, I figured that my renewal commisions will not hit $3k per month anyway even If i were to have a consistent $6k commission every month previously. And even if I do, the force pays him much better if he go over to the states. Plus, many of my clients are in the force themselves, I reckon they’ll understand why I want to go over too

But what I suddenly realise that may be difficult in putting down is my grandma. She’s old already, and I’m practically the only one at home that is around in the day to talk to her if needed. That I’m the only one that’ll willing to help her out doing chores because my brother dont, and my mother won’t too. I could of course, call her freuqently to check on her, but who will be there to provide the manual work when she needs help?

Good vs evil 😇 👿

Wanted to post on twitter, but too limited words.
Wanted to post on facebook, but not very convinent.
Wanted to post on instagram, maybe maybe.


Anyway, was chasing the the 2nd last episode of The X Dormitory. And there’s the scene of Chen Wei fighting against Ye Sheng. Evil fighting against Good. Evil was winning all these while. Until the Good side, Ye Sheng was hard kneeling on the floor fighting with the saber against Chen Wei and said he has seen that in the good, what people has done. He believed that ultimately good will triumph over evil. I thought it was a very good point to bring across. At such a down and out moment, how easy is it to just hang onto your beliefs and continue to fight on. And whoever that managed to keep their faith, ultimately they will succeed

And I will still believe, and have faith. 

Was reading through the reflections and thank you notes for last year morphosis. All because the juniors are going next week. 1 year has passed, I can still remember vividly what I went through in morphosis. Reading through the notes, many colleague believed in me, saw my untapped potentials, and admired my persist ency and determination. Coming to company’s final sprint, this helps me to do a brief pit stop, remember what goal boss ask me to set, my own goals and keep in mind how much i want to achieve it.

Importance of a Personal Accident plan

Here’s a living example.

I was down with Food Poisoning — till now. My tummy is still churning, lesser bout of diarrhea but no less the symptoms is still there. I was brought to hospital 2 days ago and was placed in observer ward. Apparently, that’s not classified as a hospitalization as i was not warded, even though I was there from about 2200hrs+ till 0500hrs. Not sure if it makes a difference if I stayed more than 8 hours though. But the difference was, I went ahead to cover myself with the free dengue cover that we gave to our client back in Oct 2013, all because my manager ask me to do so. And why not? because I only had a old and not updated AIA Personal Accident plan my mum bought and kept till now. Tada, the use for it comes.

People please, don’t belittle how much a Personal Accident plan can do for you in times like this. When you’re not hospitalized, when you’re not total and permanent disabled, when you sprain your ankle and etc. This is what can save you.

By Personal Accident plan, what I meant are newer ones that cover H1N1, Food Poisoning, Dengue Fever and etc. Not those that just merely cover accidental disablement or death.

Whether if it’s through me or your trusted adviser, please get one done up ASAP. You’ll never know when’s food poisoning or dengue fever will hits you.

Year 2013: Changes & Growth.

Camera 360Here come my annually mandatory reflection post.

It’s a year of blood, sweat & tears. (Sounds like army eh?)
Not forgetting the steepest personal growth I have ever achieved.

I dare say now I am damn courageous in taking this leap of faith. I have no idea what was I thinking when I was messaging Sean to talk about this about a year ago. And I have no idea what pull me through to actually take the 8 exams over a span of 6 months or so. It is crazy. My heart has grown more than 100 x stronger than before, and I am learning how to feel emotions. I’ve met ~100 people in the past 6 months, I’ve been rejected countless times, I’ve been appreciated, I’ve been put down, I’ve made new friends, I’ve made buddies whom are really concern about my growth, I’ve gain knowledge at such a fast pace that I thought it was crazy. & I’m very happy to say: I Have Grown.

In the past:
Crying signifies weakness,
Heart to heart talk is scary,
I  talk too superficially,
I don’t think before I speak,
I was a robot.

Crying is releasing emotions, Same as for anger,
I’m not afraid to cry in front of colleagues anymore,
Heart to heart talk is still makes my heart thumps, but I know it’s coz the other party wants to feel me
I think more in depth now, same as my questions (slightly),
I start to pause more to rephrase what’s in my mind,
I am more flexible (slightly).
& I’m more aware of my surroundings and habits.

Heartfelt thanks to those clients that trust me, BFC-ers who pushed me on, Colleagues who guided me, CS & Noel for every thing they have done to open my heart and making me feel like accepted.
Esp thankful to each and every prospects (including friends) who have rejected me.
If not for you guys, I wouldn’t be who I am now.

The next month is a very very very critical month for me.
Pray for me, keep me in your prayers, please.
Please don’t reject my call for help.

Came to realize why I have been sleeping late.
Talking and concentrating on one single person is so draining.
Take 2 hours each, say 3 people a day.
Then i reached home, I NEED to stone.
Do some more work here and there it’s already 1am plus.

Will have to reschedule my timetable. Need more breaks I feel.
Stay connected. Hwaiting!


Went for a camp days back from 23 – 25 July 2013
.Overheard a senior saying it’s pretty much like a church camp.
Minus away all the bibles and etc. Well, we have to memorize 1 proverb. Does that count?

This camp helps me to find a meaning and a goal in my career. That was the main take back that I have. I used to thought that why I decided to take that leap of faith is because I was young and wanted a career instead of a job. But even so, that does not means I must be a FC. When people ask why I quit such a slack job in Sembcorp with all the benefits and good bonus to go into something that I need to work so darn hard. I have always used the above reason to smoke through. And that seems legit as well anyway. And it makes me understand and discover sides of myself and others that I never see before, which is pretty eye opener or rather heart warming.

Through this, I realized that it’s okay to be vulnerable and pour everything out to the team. When I fall, I know that there will be the rest that will be catching me and pull me up fast to get back on track. And that’s because we are all worth each others effort.

I want to be a Happy Butterfly. I will work towards it. (,: