Would you leave everything and work overseas for 2 years

Honestly, I think I could
Even if that means leaving my clients and handling them over to someone and forgo my renewal commisions

But perhaps what I may have concerns leaving is my grandma ..


GQ posted this scenerio to me before what if he has the opportunity to go US to work for 2 years, will I be willing to leave everything in SG to go over with him? And if I wasn’t he will not express his interest in it andย reject that offer

The first time he asked, I thought I would’t be willing to leave my clients, for the sake of so called responsiblity. After the second time he asked, I figured that my renewal commisions will not hit $3k per month anyway even If i were to have a consistent $6k commission every month previously. And even if I do, the force pays him much better if he go over to the states. Plus, many of my clients are in the force themselves, I reckon they’ll understand why I want to go over too

But what I suddenly realise that may be difficult in putting down is my grandma. She’s old already, and I’m practically the only one at home that is around in the day to talk to her if needed. That I’m the only one that’ll willing to help her out doing chores because my brother dont, and my mother won’t too. I could of course, call her freuqently to check on her, but who will be there to provide the manual work when she needs help?