What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I’ll regret big time later in life?

What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life? by @DeanYeong

Answer by Dean Yeong:

There are tons of bad habits we should stop, but I personally think these are a few, if you’re doing them right now, you should stop them immediately:

  • Stop talking before listening. We love to express our perspectives, thoughts, and opinion before we listen. Many arguments and misunderstandings and mistakes are avoidable if only we spend more time to listen.
  • Stop complaining. Complaining changes nothing, it only makes you feel worse.
  • Stop taking time for granted. You’re never too young, start doing what you need to do now. You’re old enough, start doing what you need to do now.
  • Stop caring too much about other’s opinions. Opinions are cheap. Most people give an opinion based on their best interests but not yours. Ignore them.
  • Stop comparing yourself with others. Comparing brings you nowhere, if you don’t have what someone else had, the fact is that you don’t have it (which you already knew it), dwelling on it won’t make anything better. Suck it up! Start competing.
  • Stop spending mindlessly for instant gratification. Trust me, buying more stuff won’t make you happier. It gets you to the temporary state of delusional euphoria, but you will end up feeling worse later. When the false sense of happiness is gone, the money is not coming back either.
  • Stop making decisions based on emotional cues. This applies to any emotions. It’s okay to celebrate when you’re happy and cry when you’re upset, but never make big decisions that will affect other areas of your life – financial, health, relationship – based on emotions, especially anger.
  • Stop anything that is harmful to your body. Our body (health) is our time. When your body fail, your time’s up too. (I have to stress this: please STOP using your smartphone while driving!)

. . .

To make this answer better, here are a few, if you’re not already doing them, start practicing them now:

  • Start reading. Reading is like time-travelling – you live someone else’s life for many times, but you never die. Reading is like picking the brain – you learn ideas that took someone else 20 years to figure out in 20 minutes. (Psst: I summarize every book I read, take a peek here.)
  • Start meditating. Breathe, do nothing, focus, training yourself to be less reactive will be extremely helpful in this attention-demanding world.
  • Start doing meaningful work. Do the work you love or love the work you do. Own your job/career/business/work and embrace the challenges ahead.
  • Start working out, making better food choices, and sleeping more. These are optional. Do them if you want to buy some more time for yourself.
  • Start contributing. Go beyond yourself, provide to your parents and your family, then go beyond that again, help others who need help. That’s win-win-win for everyone.
  • Start taking tiny action toward your goals. Instant, big behavioral and lifestyle change is overrated, at the same time, damaging. Transforming your life doesn’t happen in a day or two, start taking small, sustainable action every single day to move toward your goals.
  • Start saving. People (financial experts) sell idea via fears or desires, that’s why their advice are usually extreme – save! save! save! or spend! spend! spend! Saving is not penny-picking. Save for emergency, save for rainy days, and save for future investment.
  • Start designing your environment. Be conscious with your living space, design your work place for productivity, and hang out with people who are better than you. Your environment is your platform, it’s either lift you up or drag you down.

. . .

Finally, never stop learning, never stop smiling, never stop hustling.

If you like to read more, I write about behavioral psychology and performance improvement in DeanYeong.com

What are the top bad habits to stop immediately or I'll regret big time later in life?

Would you leave everything and work overseas for 2 years

Honestly, I think I could
Even if that means leaving my clients and handling them over to someone and forgo my renewal commisions

But perhaps what I may have concerns leaving is my grandma ..


GQ posted this scenerio to me before what if he has the opportunity to go US to work for 2 years, will I be willing to leave everything in SG to go over with him? And if I wasn’t he will not express his interest in it and reject that offer

The first time he asked, I thought I would’t be willing to leave my clients, for the sake of so called responsiblity. After the second time he asked, I figured that my renewal commisions will not hit $3k per month anyway even If i were to have a consistent $6k commission every month previously. And even if I do, the force pays him much better if he go over to the states. Plus, many of my clients are in the force themselves, I reckon they’ll understand why I want to go over too

But what I suddenly realise that may be difficult in putting down is my grandma. She’s old already, and I’m practically the only one at home that is around in the day to talk to her if needed. That I’m the only one that’ll willing to help her out doing chores because my brother dont, and my mother won’t too. I could of course, call her freuqently to check on her, but who will be there to provide the manual work when she needs help?

What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far?

When I was 13, I wanted a six pack. I did sit ups and curls intermittently with no plan or rigor. By 14, I’d given up

When I was 16, I picked up boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I wanted to be great at fighting. By 17, I’d decided in my head that great fighters have been doing this since they were 8, so I’d given up

When I was 18, I wrote blog posts and started multiple businesses, I’d take them to a level of significance but nothing actually significant. By 19, I’d decided in my head I wasn’t going to make 6 figures at it anytime soon, so I’d given up.

Everything I wanted to get or do or be, I gave it one year tops before giving it up. 

Now I look back and ask myself “Where would I be right now if I’d stuck with it? What if I’d had that foresight?

I work out every day now. 

I write every day now. 

I train to fight multiple times per week. 

I’m following the things I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid, because I now know the dividends I will get are going to have outstanding returns in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years from now. 

1% better a day doesn’t look like much in 30 days, but it transforms you completely over the course of years. 

The most important lesson I’ve learned in life is to play the long game. 

The you in the past wants you to do better than they did, and the you in the future wants you to be better than you are. Don’t let yourself down.

What is the most important life lesson you’ve learned so far? by Jordan Allen https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-most-important-life-lesson-you%E2%80%99ve-learned-so-far/answer/Jordan-Allen-4?srid=bD0k&share=8c15e9c9

修煉愛情 Practice Love 時之繁花 微電影


If this comes true, who will you choose to hold on to once again?

Will it gives you comfort knowing that you can hold on to the person once again, or will it gives you extreme sadness knowing that you can only hold on to these memories?
Will it help you to be stronger, or will it breaks you down again and again in the darkness of the night?




Things can only become a favourite because someone attach a meaning to it.

A flower, a location, a word, a phrase, a food, people. YOU

Sunflowers meant nothing to me until you came along
Pasir Ris Park meant nothing to me until you came along
Yishun meant nothing to me until you came along

Memories, can’t be erased, can only be faded.
Feelings, can never be choose to  ignored, can only be let go.

I thank you, for being you
for teaching me, me

I thank you for giving up on me
with that, teaching me to never give up on myself

To say live your life without regrets is easy, but yet regrets happen because we will only grow to know what’s best after it happens

I’ll say, live your everyday a little better than you are yesterday 💟

Goodbye, for now

March is the month of letting go of attachment.


我放不开 我们明明可以天长地久
明明可以 一起为事业奋斗
明明可以 一起扶持对方

就因为 我们性格不一 才认为是最佳拍档
曾妄想过 就因为我们是最佳拍档
能为我们的客户 一起计划他们的未来

可惜 妄想 变成了 奢望

梦想,就不能实现吗 …


Leave, anyone that makes you feel less of yourself. Because lady, you are the most beautiful gift created by God. You are destined for abundance and ease. You are the most lovable person.

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