Good vs evil 😇 👿

Wanted to post on twitter, but too limited words.
Wanted to post on facebook, but not very convinent.
Wanted to post on instagram, maybe maybe.


Anyway, was chasing the the 2nd last episode of The X Dormitory. And there’s the scene of Chen Wei fighting against Ye Sheng. Evil fighting against Good. Evil was winning all these while. Until the Good side, Ye Sheng was hard kneeling on the floor fighting with the saber against Chen Wei and said he has seen that in the good, what people has done. He believed that ultimately good will triumph over evil. I thought it was a very good point to bring across. At such a down and out moment, how easy is it to just hang onto your beliefs and continue to fight on. And whoever that managed to keep their faith, ultimately they will succeed

And I will still believe, and have faith.ย 

Was reading through the reflections and thank you notes for last year morphosis. All because the juniors are going next week. 1 year has passed, I can still remember vividly what I went through in morphosis. Reading through the notes, many colleague believed in me, saw my untapped potentials, and admired my persist ency and determination. Coming to company’s final sprint, this helps me to do a brief pit stop, remember what goal boss ask me to set, my own goals and keep in mind how much i want to achieve it.


Anything to say?

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