Review of K Drama [Emergency Couple] 응급남녀.

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How do I even start this, every segment of the show I have different feel for it. To me, It’s a show like how Frozen the movie is to some people. It teaches about life and love. & I felt the relevance to it too.

Let’s start with some quotes that I really really love:–


Oh Jin Hee: There is no such thing as a perfect life. As you live, unexpected accidents occur, and irreversible mistakes are made.
Oh Chang Min: However, every time we fall and get hurt in life, we find ourselves always changing for the better.
Oh Jin Hee: By learning about the other’s pains,
Oh Chang Min: or by maturing a little bit more.
Oh Jin Hee: Could that be where love starts? So even though we may make mistakes and fail again, we will continue to grow and to try.”



“Since there is no right answer in life. There is only the process to make it the right answer.”
Gook Cheon Soo & Oh Jin Hee (from a book)

Oh Tae Suk - Did you hear that

“He told me then. “You just fell down once in your life. You just scraped your knee so don’t exaggerate too much. Life is long when you live it. Even a 70 year old man learns the Korean alphabet and passes the GED in this day and age.”
Oh Jin Hee (Oh Tae Seok to Oh Jin Hee)


/// All these and more are the life lessons I took away from this drama. Life is always made up of choices. There are certainly some that we made are wrong. But rather then complaining about it, we can change our attitude to make it right. All these are not major setbacks, sweep off the dust, paste a plaster or two, and stand back up again. & fight on. For all of what Giddens 九把刀 life motto is 人生就是不停地战斗. ///



On a personal context, more than half of the medical scenes I scrapped through it by hiding behind my hands. I really can’t bring myself to see the wounds and blood. The worst was the emergency surgery done by Oh Jin Hee in the lift when the hospital undergo some electricity testing. Oh gawd, that blood spluttering out kills me.

I generally love how the characters develop though there were some unsolved issues among themselves. Even the confused emotions they felt at different point in time was very real life situation. Jin Hee liking or respecting Chief Gook? Does Chief Gook really likes Jin Hee or just because she is what he used to be? Ji Hye still like Chief Gook obviously. I can so totally feel for her wanting to silently be by his side. Does Chang Min likes Jin Hee again because he’s just jealous? Same for Chief Gook? Yong Gyun & Ah Reum is awkward really. why the love hate throughout the whole drama? Does the writers have to pair them up because they’re the only two left?

One thing that I still cannot let go, how is it possible for Chief Gook to have that closure with Jin Hee then fly to the airport to send Ji Hye off with THAT SAME TEAR FILLED EYES CHOCKING SALIVA look? I concluded that Lee Pil Mo is a really good actor.


Oh, another huge factor as to why I felt so much for this drama is because on how some focus was put into healing old wounds to move on. And aptly enough, I know i have some wound relating to what Chief Gook is going through. Healing is not easy, but him taking the first step to send a post card to his dad was a very huge step. Because of him not being able to fully heal, he wasn’t able to pursue Jin Hee even though they obviously have mutual feelings towards each other. & like how he mention in their last scene, the closure by telling her what went through his mind on how he’s thankful for her making him feel this way would help him to move on to look at other girls and even get married. Jin Hee declared that she felt that she was healing at a particular episode sitting on the hospital bench. I believe her. She and Oh Chang Min dug out their prior issues and took the efforts to solve them. They are both healing.




Some of my self proclaimed best scenes:–

The bus ride that Jin Hee secretly loves.

This kiss is sweet to Oh Couples shipper, but very saddening for Chief X JinHee shippers.

The best scene in Episode 21. The closure that Chief Gook have to let go of Oh Jin Hee. Storyline is as per written below the video.

Inside, Ji Hye asks Chang Min to look out for Cheon Soo when she leaves. She’s reminded of her own rapport with Cheon Soo when she looks at Chang Min and Jin Hee, where they could talk about everything together, and she tells Chang Min that she hopes it goes well for them. When she points out they should get married, Chang Min admits that things are going well as they are.

Outside, Jin Hee makes small talk, but Cheon Soo has something to get off his chest. He looks emotional as he tells her about the night when she missed his call, and he came to find her. He thanks her for making him feel this way, as if he’s able to meet someone, to feel like he can give his heart, and even get married. She smiles, relieved to hear it, hoping that he can gain some happiness now.

He lets out a breath, relieved to get all that off his chest, but Jin Hee is still going on about how she and Chang Min both like and respect him. She asks him if he’ll really let Ji Hye go, and we don’t get to hear the answer, because Chang Min and Ji Hye come out of the house behind them, wondering why the air is so weird between Cheon Soo and Jin Hee.

For all Chief Gook X Jin Hee shippers like me out there:–
This is an amazing fan made video, ❤ ❤ <3.

This is a good fan made video too. 02:18 onwards is heartbreaking when Chief thinks of Jin Hee & him. ):

More reviewssssss:–
This review on this drama is cute!
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This talks about societal issues faced among women that the drama attempts to talk about and how nicely it was being done.



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