363 more blank pages to write

new year2 pages down, loads more to go, Hwaiting!


First page was good — Got kinda drunk, got taken care of, got attention showered to me.
Being drunk is not that fun esp with the headache at the front of your head and the feel that something’s wrong = wanting to vomit. But I guessed it happens before years on I’ve been wanting to know what is it like being drunk and what will I become. And I do like the process of being drunk. Truth to be told it was nice being taken care of, like being pampered, being held all the way back to my doorstep because friends are really concern about me. It’s like all your needs are being taken care of. And thinking back, I’m aware that this happen because I want it to. Even though I maybe having the itch and mild rashes because of the Martell. If given without the itch and the rashes I’ll gladly be drunk again. Now you see why people want to get drunk and suffer?

Second page was not that good — Fell into the same trap of inertia of calling. Monotonous at work, everything at a slow pace. Nvm, noe that I’m aware, let’s move on and solve the issue!

More pages to write, better be improving!


Anything to say?

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