Year 2013: Changes & Growth.

Camera 360Here come my annually mandatory reflection post.

It’s a year of blood, sweat & tears. (Sounds like army eh?)
Not forgetting the steepest personal growth I have ever achieved.

I dare say now I am damn courageous in taking this leap of faith. I have no idea what was I thinking when I was messaging Sean to talk about this about a year ago. And I have no idea what pull me through to actually take the 8 exams over a span of 6 months or so. It is crazy. My heart has grown more than 100 x stronger than before, and I am learning how to feel emotions. I’ve met ~100 people in the past 6 months, I’ve been rejected countless times, I’ve been appreciated, I’ve been put down, I’ve made new friends, I’ve made buddies whom are really concern about my growth, I’ve gain knowledge at such a fast pace that I thought it was crazy. & I’m very happy to say: I Have Grown.

In the past:
Crying signifies weakness,
Heart to heart talk is scary,
I ย talk too superficially,
I don’t think before I speak,
I was a robot.

Crying is releasing emotions,ย Same as for anger,
I’m not afraid to cry in front of colleagues anymore,
Heart to heart talk is still makes my heart thumps, but I know it’s coz the other party wants to feel me
I think more in depth now, same as my questions (slightly),
I start to pause more to rephrase what’s in my mind,
I am more flexible (slightly).
& I’m more aware of my surroundings and habits.

Heartfelt thanks to those clients that trust me, BFC-ers who pushed me on, Colleagues who guided me, CS & Noel for every thing they have done to open my heart and making me feel like accepted.
Esp thankful to each and every prospects (including friends) who have rejected me.
If not for you guys, I wouldn’t be who I am now.

The next month is a very very very critical month for me.
Pray for me, keep me in your prayers, please.
Please don’t reject my call for help.


Anything to say?

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