Went for a camp days back from 23 – 25 July 2013
.Overheard a senior saying it’s pretty much like a church camp.
Minus away all the bibles and etc. Well, we have to memorize 1 proverb. Does that count?

This camp helps me to find a meaning and a goal in my career. That was the main take back that I have. I used to thought that why I decided to take that leap of faith is because I was young and wanted a career instead of a job. But even so, that does not means I must be a FC. When people ask why I quit such a slack job in Sembcorp with all the benefits and good bonus to go into something that I need to work so darn hard. I have always used the above reason to smoke through. And that seems legit as well anyway. And it makes me understand and discover sides of myself and others that I never see before, which is pretty eye opener or rather heart warming.

Through this, I realized that it’s okay to be vulnerable and pour everything out to the team. When I fall, I know that there will be the rest that will be catching me and pull me up fast to get back on track. And that’s because we are all worth each others effort.

I want to be a Happy Butterfly. I will work towards it. (,:


Anything to say?

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