doing stupid things when i need to wake up 7 hours later

wants to catch up on my dramas.
Running Man and You’re Beautiful TW version but never have the time.

but I have all the time in the world to waste on doing rubbish things like blogging and not doing what’s important to sleep since i have to wake up early. omg. someone just slap some sense into me.

NO, i’m kidding on the slapping part.
I’ll hate you if you do that.

Wanna re read Skip Beat manga too.
oh my Kyoko X Ren OTP!!!!!!!!
love love love the heel siblings they are so cute.
please get together already!
200 chapters into the manga and when you both are so obviously into each other.
please remove that irritating Sho Fuwa out of the picture.

I miss Dota2 addiction.
my pandaren brewmaster i miss you big bear!
miss your ulti!


Anything to say?

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