Its official!

Been working hard for my new career.
I will not give up. Twice as hard, thrice as hard.
I know I can, I will work on it to become a success.

” I help people to prepare for the unexpected, and striving towards their future goals. “

My aim,

I want people around me to be well covered and protected.
I don’t want to hear or see them worrying about their finance if something were to happen.
Including their family members, as that will affect them as well.
Yes I may not be able to heal them back to health, but I want to at least keep them in tip top financial health.

Living in Singapore, we all know is expensive.
Even a small wish of leading a simple life is not easy unless properly planned for.
Wedding, House, Children education, Retirement ; the basic, is not easy to accomplish.
But I want people around me to know and feel that it’s possible if you’re committed to it.

Yes I can. Hwaiting!!!  화아팅!!!


Anything to say?

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