CNY with the boyf’s relatives

I  like how he became extremely loud the moment he step inside the house.
It’s the atmosphere he gives when he’s around his close friends too.
It’s nice to know and see how close he his will his extended family.

That makes me envy,
from young IDK all my extended family members,
some I bet I have never seen them before,
some I always see them yearly but IDK what’s the link to me.
and of course, never ever been close to them, let alone as loud as I was at his relative’s house.

seriously speaking, I felt closer to them as compared to mine.
the adults were like, just drink the alcohol never mind just take only.
(had my virgin taste of Baileys!)
and the cousins whom I can discussed Dota about.
and little kids that entertained me by running about.
It’s a nice big family that is obviously so close knitted. 🙂

I wish I can spend more Chinese New Year with them.


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