A week after CNY started;

first day was boring coz my father went over to his father’s hometown to visit to spend the new year with the village. It’s Shen Zhen’s Mei Zhou. where the Hakkas belongs.
Had lunch at Nex’s Hot Tomato, Movie on Hotel Deluxe.

second day did nothing. Lunch at AMK Hub the food junction.
then of course remaining time spend were on Dota2.
went back to tiong bahru at night.

third day was where the fun starts.
brought the boyf to colleague house and played blackjack with the rest.
goat, being the one that has no passive income luck in the snake year,
i lost 10 bucks by just playing 50 cents only. ):
then lunch at Bukit Panjang Plaza with tzeh & gang and over the Fen’s house to bake pineapple tarts!
first time baking stuffs, it was tiring, roll and roll the pineapple, then roll it with the dough to bake it in the oven.
and watching some cartoon about a cat and three cockroaches. FUNNY!
Dinner and celebrated tzehock and jingwen birthdays tooo!

pretty? it's siew mai pineapple tarts!
pretty? it’s siew mai pineapple tarts!


birthday girl and boy!
birthday girl and boy!

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