Fabulous Boys/ YB TW ver.

They used the Lee Hong Ki’s version of Still/As Ever.
Why not the A.N.JELL version leh?

1:03 – 1:10; Evan Yo is like whoa, hawt body yeah!

1:27 – 1:31; aww Hwang In Deuk is looking good as Shin Woo,
I feel the aww factor piting him already. :/

1:50 – 1:53; I think the kena pig chased scene is epic!
but looks like it’s still not as funny as how Geun Suk does it bah?

2:38 – 2:46 is new new new new!
omg that looks exciting & sweet!

2:47 onwards showing all the cast.
If you have at least watch either the Korean/Japanese version,
you could have guessed from that ~ 3 mins of who’s gonna act as who already.

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