of roses, rings & flowers



“We were so kancheong (in a hurry) to get a house, because the wait is so long and we kept hearing people say that they balloted many times but could not get a flat, even in a lousy location.”

this news makes me ponder about what is being ready or not ready?
Is there anything that will makes you suddenly feels like, Yes I wanna get married to this guy?
Even after deciding to get a flat, planning for the wedding & all till the last minute you can be not be any bit ready for it?

Posted the question to the boyf, with the exception of money & age, I think we have no other answers.
I think we all know that there is no right definition of being ready.
But maybe there will be an inking or some situation or a future that you painted in your mind that says that you’re ready bah?

But seriously speaking, if couples already wanted to bid for a BTO flat shouldn’t be they be somewhat ready for marriage?
at least now, I’ll make sure we reach that state first before bidding for a BTO.
that’s a sensible option right?
what for you bid just because everyone around you is doing so & pressuring you guys to do so too?
it’s your money, your future, your decision.

come one don’t say we are too young to think about marriage.
think about it, how many years you need to save up for that large sum of money for wedding dinner etc,
and not to mention the BTO flat will take about 3 years to be ready.
do your maths (by the way we are already going to be 22 this year.)

I really don’t wanna marry too late leh.
thinking about what people advices – getting married at about 24~, having a kid at 26~
that way you’ll have the energy to wake up at night to take care of the kid mah.
true much?

okay lah, we both know we are not ready,
still so childish, always fighting/quarrelling, no money.

no matter how much I wish i can wake up to the boyf side every morning,
fight with him to use the toilet first,
and forcing him to wash his face twice a day,
doing all the household chores together,
me refusing to wash the dishes & etc etc.

We shall wait for the day we are both truly ready.
I don’t want a messed up marriage just because we rushed into it.
I don’t wanna fight everyday when we could take the time to solve any problems beforehand.
at the very least, not be like my parents who see each other talk a bit can just shout & quarrel.
miscommunication sucks eh.

sigh, I should just get rid of the thought of getting married to run away from my mother.
LOL, that was & is still part of the reason whenever I’m angry. :/
maybe when I can do that, I’ll be halfway ready? (:

Years down the road,
I want rings, flowers, balloons, and a song sang to me!
winks boy winks***


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