Year end review again!

In my opinion, its a great year this year.

Alot of improvements made, alot of steps taken.
chased my dreams, gotten my 6 certificates, went overseas by plane after so long.

tbh i dislike people askng me how’s life.
What answers are you expecting from a full time working adult??

Okay quit ranting be warned about the huge amount of words following.
I’m not too sure who the heck would be interested in my life review. Lol!

Company wise, gotten myself into countless events that i even felt that i shouldn’t join the Assisi Hospic Xmas light up this year.
NDP 2012, 13th Annual Jurong Island Dragonboat Race, Sembcorp mini sports day cum team bonding, Assisi Hospic charity event.
I think I’m too active eh?
~2 years in the company, who knows how many colleagues know me already.

But it was fun!

NDP was my dream since secondary school.
partially because of this NPCC guy that got the chance to march in NDP in secondary 2.
Maybe i was fuelled by him,
Years of marching only for school’s NDP (primary to secondary school),
I wanted more. The NATIONAL one.
Even though i could not march as part of Girl Guides anymore,
I was really glad for a chance in the corporate sector.
That aderline rush hearing the drum beats, i missed it.
Still, cant help feeling the disappointment in our standards, I really loved Singtel one though.
They were really the best out of the all the corporate contingents.
Envy them much.
And the feeling i got from watching or hearing the Guards Of Honour marching, so addictive.
Okay, screw how I feel, I was really glad of the bonds made.
My Sembwaste people which i haven’t got to see them after NDP over,
And the rare few Semb Parks people, and those from Hill Street.
SUT (Sembcorp Utilities) anot, we are one big contingent from everywhere!
Aww man, I miss my NDP mama and papa. ):
Not to mentions the trainers enciks.
I’m pleased to be able to know them under this condition.
Unlike poor boys who only know their enciks in camp.
I officially agree their saying that the regulars behave differently in and out of camp.
After hearing how the nice warrent Francis scolded MX in BMT unreasonably. Lol!
So, thank god i know them through NDP, if they tekkan us like that, we sure die.
And I still say I wanna sign on. Lolololol!
Then again, all the drama could have been avoided.
Coz someone was a big fat liar. Lol.
But because of the episode, I then know boyf can be that jealous, understanding and loving.
Thank you YOU. And please remember how much shit i cleared for you or help you with.
Enough said.

Dragonboat, ah it was because I wanted to be stronger during the race unlike last year.
last season of only 2 months of training wasn’t enough for racing.
I wanted to become stronger and better, more well prepared.
And not to mention that is the only sports with regular trainings in the coy.
For exercise, 6 months of trainings i went for all with the exceptions of about 3 or so.
I’ll be back on the team once training starts.
To exercise, to toned up my core muscles and to buid more muscles. Lol @ last one.
It was nice having some exercise routine. FOC somemore!

Relationship wise,
Getting into our 3rd year soon…
Seems like we have quarrelled more this year over many things like the future.
Me wanting him to be more active as a scholar / future employee, to have an aim on what he wants to be or how he want his life to be.
But I’m sure we both know our quarrels surfaced coz of our concerns for each other….

New year resolutions,
Doing exercises keeping fit I’ve been keeping to that quite a bit thanks to dragonboating for half a year, rest of the time I tried to planned my own but still not up to standard barely once a week.
Keeping fit, staying healthy, having quality relationships with people.
It will always be part of my resolutions every year.


Anything to say?

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