What’s Up! 왓츠업!


Jae-Hun (Lim Ju-Hwan) hangs around his friends and they often look for drunks to steal money from. One day, his friends try steal from a drunken guy without Jae-Hun. His friend are caught by the police. Jae-Hun sees his friends being arrested and approaches them. Jae-Hun introduces himself as a detective in front of the cops, but they don’t believe him. Jae-Hun and his friends then attempt to flee from the cops. During their escape, Jae-Hun steals a motorcycle. An accident occurs, when Jae-Hun hits a pedestrian who is then hit by a truck. At the scene of the accident, Jae-Hun picks up a paper which belonged to the hit man. To avoid the police, Jae-Hun helps nearby workers who are carrying wooden items onto a truck and gets on the truck with them. They arrive at a concert hall. Jae-Hun hears music and follows the sound. He sees a singer and feels something from the music.

Afterwards, Jae-Hun returns to the scene of the accident and asks a clerk at a nearby store if the guy that was hit by a truck is okay. The clerk responds that she thinks the guy is okay, because the accident scene was cleared out relatively quickly. Jae-Hun is relieved to hear the good news, but he doesn’t know that the man actually died at the scene of the accident.

The next day, Jae-Hun tells his mother that he wants to go to college to study acting. He explains to her what he felt when he was at the concert hall. His mom gives Jae-Hun a bankbook and agrees to let Jae-Hun follow his dreams. Jae-Hun asks a friend to apply for him at a university, majoring in acting. Jae-Hun’s friend asks him whether he can sing or dance and Jae-Hun says “no.” Jae-Hun’s friend, nevertheless, submits Jae-Hun’s application as a musical major.

Hiding his identity, Do-Sung (Kang Dae-Sung) publishes songs under the pen name of Hades. Those songs became very popular. Do-Sung now performs those songs for the first time on stage while wearing a mask. During a break, a photographer, that is hiding, snaps his picture without a mask. After the last song, Do-Sung tells the audience that after today “Hades” is dead and bids the audience farewell. Because of his secret family background, Do-Sung can’t reveal his real identity. Do-Sung calls his mother and she tells him that she will take care of the pictures taken by the photographer and asks him to not perform anymore.

Tae-Yi (Kim Ji-Won) comes to Seoul to take an audition for entry into a university. On the way to the university Tae-Yi talks to her deceased father’s spirit. Her father is the pedestrian who was killed in the accident cause by Jae-Hun. Tae-Yi arrives on campus. She becomes lost and can’t find the right building holding the audition. Jae-Hun also arrives on campus and finds himself similarly lost on campus. Jae-Hun also realizes that he is applying as a musical major and not an acting major as he originally wanted. Finally, Jae-Hun and Tae-Yi arrive at the correct building. In the waiting room, Tae-Yi sits next to Do-Sung who is applying for the same major. Tae-Yi asks Do-Sung to practice together. At that time, Jae-Hun, who sitting next to them, asks what a “musical” is. Tae-Yi and Do-Sung are dumbfounded …

This musical drama is DAEBAK!

I started watching this because of Daesungie~
but I started loving all the other characters as well.

I esp love how Doo Ri confessed her love for her professer (Woo Yong nim).
and how Woo Yong actually changed drastically after her confession.
(who knows what hits him to change his drunken behaviour?)
It was mad sweet how she’s just want to be with him to take care of him no matter how much he shuns her away.
and it was sad to see how much she cried and broke down knowing he had last stage cancer and died. ),:
not gonna spoil the ending but I actually love how the scripwriter make out the funeral to be that touching.
It goes to shows how much this professer has impacted their life, despite teaching in a method that his colleauges doesn’t approve.

Daesung is awesome. His singing of Lunatic, him being HADES! and the wings! 

The songs used are super nice, maybe it’s because all of their voices are really good!
This is the moment by Daesung, You & I by all.
and their duet and so on …

It’s just mad nice just go and watch!
you don’t need to like anyone to watch that for.

the story plot is nice, i love the flow of it.
their character development is good
people say the ending is sad,
well of course their seonsaeng-nim died you think?
But he’s doomed to died lah please,
that’s realistic plot anyway.

same say Dream High is nice
others argued that What’s Up is better.

I’ll watch Dream High first then let you guys know okay?

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