You’re Beautiful – TW remake.

bits and pieces of information are out everywhere.

Park Shin Hye tweeted, “I am going to meet the ‘Go Mi Nam’ in Taiwan^-^ I’ll be back~~,”
referring to her leading role in the hit SBS drama. 

From 00:53 onwards,
Jiro was saying that the drama is still under talks and it it really works out it would be great.
Reporter was asking that there’s rumors saying that Park Shin Hye has come to TW to flim and asked about it.
Jiro’s only reply was he was concern about it and that he never met her and added that if she really did participate it will be exciting.
and all other details he was unwilling to reveal.

yeah, did my beat to translate the video!

and here’s a facebook page that was made for the rumored drama containing several news/rumors found as well.

Do note that Jerry Yan is the producer of this drama.
He bought the rights of it.

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