Family Day @ USS 17/11/2012.

With my lab people!

Second family day with Sembcorp and third time at USS.
what we heard that 3 companies were having their family day at USS the same day as us.
we have the largest amount of people though – at about 7ooo+.
that was why if you were to be at USS yesterday, everywhere you turn you will see people in BLUEEEE.
smurf-y us, Sembcorp corporate colour.
or orange, those SRC (Sembcorp Recreational Club) committee members.

this time went playing around with my lab colleauges.
okay not bad still as fun, still as crazy as i am in the lab.

didn’t take as much rides as before.
i mean, with about 10k amount of people (i bet!)
the Q was at the most horrible at about 2 hours plus for the transformer’s ride.
/kill us please we still Q for it despite the super long waiting time.

got myself up to take the revenge of the mummy ride again.
1 hour waiting time,
seriously speaking it wasn’t as scary as i took the first time round, a year back.

the rest of the rides we took was:
the enchanted airways, Merry-go-round, Accelerator (couldn’t spin the disc to spin more coz of Angie’s boyf. SAD MAX.), Dino-soar, Lights camera action, Monster rock.

Me & JT went early to help us as Crowd Control Personnel.
ate at some expensive grill restaurant at the New York area for lunch.
played with the soft toys. as usual, crazy us.

After the rides at USS, we went to the Maritime Museum at RWS area there as well.
since ticket was given free!

If you guys wanna go, it is just at $5 each for Adults.

Museum is boring shit for me, but I had much fun playing at the gift shop. 😆

Made a Chinese Junk Ship – paper given there.
My self made ship and theirs on display.
the funny puffer fish (?) at the S.E.A aquarium gift shop.
&& this uber cute fish with loads of heart shape!
(But shit i look so shagged omgz?)

Anything to say?

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