[very very backdated so sorry! :/]

And now for the rest of the last 4 episode.
sorry, I couldn’t bring myself writing such lengthy posts anymore.
it’s killing me. )):


Jang Guen Suk’s cameo was the highlight.
I was really waiting for this. 😀

But him being himself, was kinda disappointing.
i miss Tae Kyung oppa alot.
I’m pretty sure a lot of people were hoping him to camoe as Tae Kyung

I really don’t think Miko acted to character at all. She was so obviously in awe of him it was pathetic. It’s no wonder that Geun Suk discovered her secret as she really didn’t hide how enamored she was and did act rather girly. These scenes were mainly just to showcase the emotions of the boys as they all watched on irritated and jealous of how touchy-feely Geun Suk was with Miko and just how much Miko seemed to like him. Ren, in particular, was annoyed as it showed just how fickle Miko’s emotions could be. After the shoot with Geun Suk is over, he hugs Miko and tells her that he doesn’t know why she’s pretending to be a boy, but he is sure it is hard and he will help keep the secret.

it was so obvious that Mio was fangirl-ing like mad with Geun Suk appearance.
too much to even remember that she was supposed to be a guy!

but i like how they make it that if it wasn’t was Geun Suk,
Ren wouldn’t take that courage to look for Mio at the airport to stop her for going to Shu’s hometown.
at least they tried to make that link to the cameo.

and it was mad sweet of Ren finding someone to draw that mega huge star in they sky.
it’s amazing that he even remember what Mio says.
this boyf of mine doesn’t seems to remember much. HAH!

the scene of Nana humiliating Shu by getting Mio to wear the shoes that he bought for her but don’t dare to give.
this was a tad tone down comparing to YB.
thankfully, this scene doesn’t make out Shu to be that bad looking.
YB one was really humiliating to the point if i think i was him i would have ran away.


I am VERY disappointed at the last bus scene.
why so short and why not as intense?
when i see that scene, Yuki doesn’t give me the heart ache.
but thinking about Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) crying his heart out on YB aches me still.
yes, it was still saddening, but it didn’t make me brawl me eyes out as per what Hong Ki does to me.
(Here’s wishing whoever acting in the TW ver now please be as good as Hong Ki.)
And the part where Ren & Mio faced each other knowing their background,
and were both crying their hearts out, it was like their private moment,
why did Shu went to intercept it and comforted Mio?
maybe he was more daring but seriously, such a sad thing you expect her to be ok so fast?
It was heartbreaking to see ShinWoo behind looking onto them but it was despicable to see Shu went on to comfort Mio like it was nothing.


impressive scene on the return of the real Mio.
it looks so real that you would think the male Mio is for real.
I have no idea how they do it but i was so much better then YB.
they can even do a shot with her face and a male upper body together,
YB couldn’t do that so it looks damn fake.


last episode,
It’s realistic how the president actually managed to get all the facts out and cuts the manager salary for deceiving him.
HAHAH! when Mio was asked to go and act as her brother again,
the speech that the president said was really nice & touching.

“People who live their lives earnestly, have an invisible power to move things. That’s what I believe. The honest way you live moved Ren, Shu, and Yuki’s hearts, moved the hearts of the fans, and has moved your own life. Don’t forget that. From now on, too, live your life well. I’ll be cheering for you wherever you may be.”

But i’m upset at how Shu was the one that discovered that this current Mio is a fake.
it was like how can the Ren that likes Mio so much could not differentiate the twins apart?
that already give off a different feel from YB.
the last concert scene was huge! the setup omg like a real concert!
Ren is there in the opening in a white suit so charming!
and Mio lugs a luggage there omg? to a concert seriously?!
Miss You is a totally new song i am impressed!
but his vocals is not as powerful as JGS though.
his “eottokajyo” was a really powerful version i really love!
and there’s the scene showing the rest being happy after Ren & Mio hugs,
is there a need for it? HAH!
but the ending is seriously way better then YB,
i like how they do a years later seeing Ren anxiously waiting for Mio to be back at the airport.

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/// waiting for the Taiwan version to be out!
Please Jiro do a good TaeKyung, i know you can smirk pretty that’s why i love about you, your lips. ❤
ultimate Jiro biased. 😀



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