Shu pulls Mio into his arms and declared that that’s his girlfriend before Ren can do anything.
It took Rean a while to think of using his jacket to shield Mio while Shu took her away.
seems like poor Ren was really shocked at what Shu did.
on the way, Mio’s hairpin drop and got crushed.
what was surprising was that Mio actually noticed and stop for a split second.
I’ll like to think that she was considering if she wanted to picked it up anot.
while Min Nam didn’t even notice her hair pin had falled off.

Nana then appears thinking out loud how did the outcome became like this since she expects an uproar on Mio secret being revealed.
the thing is, Nana didn’t even mention about anything how did Ren gets so smart to even ask Nana if it was all her doing.
that was one thing i found weird about this scene.

back at the waiting room,
Mio apologise for keeping her secret.
Shu said he was okay with in, Ren confessed thats he knew all along.
Yuki giving an angry look, then a happy and relieved one knowing that he isn’t gay!
(sidetrack: insert Jiro’s way of saying G-Y-A, GAY! in Hana Kimi. )
this Yuki knows how to control his emotions better by not trying to jump onto Mio to hug her. HAH!

lucky all the A.N.JELL members accepted Mio as a female,
well, that was because all 3 liked her ehhh. HAH!

back at the dorm,
Yuki decided to move Mio’s things out from Ren’s room since a guy and a girl cannot live together under the same room.
both left, leaving Shu saying to Ren that now, he will  protect Mio as well.
I would love to see a head on fight between Shu and Ren.
something vastly different from You’re Beautiful. (:

well, fast forward to their practice scene since in between scenes i have nothing much to comment on..

Ren seeing how close Shu and Mio is working together at the piano out of jealousy retorts to her wanting her to work on a song together with her.
she rejects as she still have things to learn alongside with Shu.
angsty Ren storms out and Shu followed knowing the reason for his uproar.

meanwhile, Yuki is alone in the room with Mio.
he tried to sound her out her likings among the 3 members.
the brother, the friend, the boyfriend.
Mio decided that Shu was to place in the brother category pleasing Yuki.
asking about Ren, she hesitate for a tad too obvious and deciding that he fits on where hiding her feelings.
Yuki asked about himself and Mio immediately place him in the friend category way faster then the rest of her choice.
poor Yuki got friend-zonded but thinks that there’s still chance of other feelings developing in this friendship.

evening comes by and it’s time for Mio to meet Shu.
(that scene on her agreeing to go and speak to his “girlf” about her in the scandal with Shu where Shu wanted to use that date to confess to Mio.)
Ren rushes off to find Mio to stop her from going to meet Shu.
Mio retorted that she will go since she had already promised Shu to do so.
Ren couldn’t take it and scolded her on hurting her own pride to explain to Shu’s “girlf” when “she herself likes shu”.
she breaks down saying that Ren is blind don’t understand her.
in a moment of anger (or folly?) Ren kiss Mio, on her lips and thus shocking them both at the same time.

Ren runs away thinking wtf he had just done while Mio got so shocked that she couldn’t move.
Mio is more than happy and wonder if what Ren does means that he like her too?

and here comes idiot Nana running to Ren while he’s still in a daze figuring things out.
she insisted on asking Ren if he likes Mio, full knowing that she’s looking onto them.
she got what she wished, she knows that no matter what Ren would not confess to liking Mio in her face.
so there, Mio got what was said and ran away in tears.

Shu found Mio and shouted at her if she did forgot about their date, and forgot all about him.
he softens the very moment he saw her crying.
they had a HTHT about love and relationship,
Shu comforts her by saying that he believes a real love is something that you treasure and is not easily seen.
Mio then decided to keep her feelings deep inside herself treasuring these feelings of liking Ren.
i think Shu here soften a wee bit too fast eh?
it seems like his anger is too easily faded away?
the “I’m a fool” song scene is missing, i think that cuts away Shinwoo’s subtle confession to Minnam on how he’s a fool for liking her.

the next day A.N.JELL have a photoshoot with Nana.
upon seeing how she looks worried when Ren and Mio is so close,
Rina (their stylist) assured her that she should’t be worried since Mio likes Shu.
Nana then thought of a evil plan and asked Rina to dress Mio up in girl clothes and let Shu sees her in it.
Shu was brought to see Mio and he was of course happy to see Mio looking pretty.
Ren and Nana saw it too. Ren got angry and scolded Mio off about it and run off.
while Nana added that it must be because Shu wanted to see her as a girl.
Shu also left after asking her if it’s okay to not confess to Ren surprising Mio that he knows about it.

A reporter then saw Shu leaving and went to search for his rumored girlf.
Mio saw and tried to run away covering her face,
lucky Rina comes in and knock out the reporter thus helping Mio to escape sucessfully.
but the reporter already find the girl familar thus uh oh.

seriously speaking i think it’s dumb how Rina makes Mio dress up as a girl just because of a word from Nana.
come on it wasn’t even raining heavily (like in YB so reducing the chance of anyone going into the place and sees them).
idiot? no? it was bright and good weather, anyone could have gone into the building anytime!
and not to mention is was Rina that rescued Mio (not Uee like in YB. that at least shows that Uee was scared that her secret would be revealed thus losting TaeKyung in the process).
it seems like they made Nana really evil.

well, back at the photoshoot place, Manager Ma went up to where Ren was seated with a stack of photos asking Ren to help him decide to use what photos as BTS.
He stopped at the one Mio was making that piggy nose and Manager Ma wonder aloud why is she still doing that nose.
Ren asked for the history and Manager Ma said that it was used as an excuse to help her control her overwhelming emotions when facing Shu, or so they thought.
memories starts to churn in Ren’s mind as he recalled Mio doing that faces to him several times.
yes, finally he realise that Mio likes him as well!

Mio was outside stargazing when Rem went to look for her.
while she was scolding herself for liking him,
he told her that he understands all now.
what she meant by the brightest star that she always see..
while she retorts that she won’t even see the star in the same manner again.
Ren gave her the bloody permission to do so!
to look at him and him only ! ❤

okay i have no idea why i don’t have that instant sweet feeling i got from that same scene in YB.
anyone have any idea? it was the exact same words anyway….

see this?


more detailed recaps: http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/ikemen-desu-ne-episode-7/ 


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