Nana, oh evil nana.

The guys got up to them when Mio got backed off and fell on the floor.
fake fairy Nana then decided to spin a story saying that she looks sick.
and of course, the guys were worried.
Given how Nana threaten her, she rejected Ren’s outstretch hand
and Shu took his own efforts to bring her up and touches her forehead to feel that her temperature.
whoa, how much Ren seems to be upset about it.

back at the dorm,
Mio’s aunt got started by her sleeping on the sofa in the living room.
and decided to let her sleep back her own room since she was scared that she will spread the illness to Ren.

the 3 guys reached home and decided to check out how’s Mio doing.
it’s interesting how Yuki declared that he’s going to take some ice to coll down her fever.
it actually show’s how openly Yuki wanted to do things for her unlike Jeremy.
and Shu standing by the door wishing that she will get well soon if not his heart will ache shows immerse emotions too.

Ren tossed and turned in bed and decided to head for a drink then shockingly discovered Mio standing beside wanting a drink too.
before he can react, Mio then fainted.
taking her in his car, Ren wanted to send Mio to hospital since she’s running a high fever.
but she insisted not to as she wants to protect A.N.JELL and esp Ren from harm.
seeing how determined she is, Ren has no choice but to head back home.

back home, Shu spotted Ren princess carrying Mio back and offered his help in taking care of her but was rejected.
his face of disappointment was really obvious showing how much he yearns to be there to take care of Mio instead.
Next scene shows Shu sitting in the living room emo-ing in the dark.
IMO, this wasn’t as nicely done as YB.
it didn’t show how he was there by his room door at the morning when Ren came out. [YB scene]
therefore it doesn’t really have that impact that he was indeed very worried and waited outside (despite being unable to help out) for her fever to subside.
that’s quite a bit of emotions cut out eh?
plus it was cut short till Ren falling sleeping near Mio’s bed with a whole bunch of things supposely used to take care of her.
it didn’t forcefully send the feel of how much effort he took to take care of her though the night like how YB puts it.
and what Ren said to Mio after she woke up,
that speech makes me feel that Ren was more outgoing and direct in his words about him accepting her in the band and his responsibility to protect her, and her secret.
Tae Kyung chooses a more tactful way of confessing only stating that they are now a team (in terms of the secret).

The next day,
Yuki realises that he was home alone with Mio while the rest is out shopping.
Ren, for buying Mio another set of female clothes
and Shu, for buying Mio a present. (for what who knows, and it wasn’t explained too.)
Yuki decided to cook Mio porridge and was happy that she likes the taste.
that’s what i meant by Yuki.
as Jeremy, things like this wouldn’t be done, he would only know how to cheer Min Nam up by being goofy. (that always works ofc.)
Yuki, is more mature, more of wanting to do something for Mio too, like Shu.

Shu reached back home and passed his gift to Mio and she looks pleased to have it.
interestingly, Yuki was upset and in fact looks as though he wants to get something for Mio too. (i get that feel from his expression.)
Mio then recieve a call from Nana asking her to reveal her secret at her PV screening.

Ren then reached home and passed her the clothes he chosen.
interesting how he heave a sigh of relief once he steps out of her room.
looks like that took a lot of courage eh?

next day was some A.N.JELL event showing them preparing  backstage.
and special cameo by a SMAP member.
i think this scene was rather pointless?
maybe to fit in the cameo to boost ratings?
and showing that Mio was worried about having to reveal her secret during her PV screening.

then shows President giving Mio some talk for her solo debut.
amazing how he describe A.N.JELL as a miracle.
it’s like how much effort he put into the band members.
a different POV from the president in YB.

that night, Mio took much efforts to prepare the guys favourite food.
smarter Ren (compare to Tae Kyung), notices something weird about this and gives a thoughtful look.

Mio decided to find Ren in his room after the dinner (maybe wanting to spend more time tgt before leaving the band coz of her confession.)
he was trying to stargaze but still couldn’t see a thing.
Mio then said that she saw a very pretty star and thinks of all the members as stars.
this way even if she leave, once she looked up the sky she will miss the moments in the band.
Ren then said that even if he can’t see her in the dark, he can feel her presence and asked her not to stand somewhere out of his sight.
awwwww so sweet, seriously?

day of Mio’s PV screening, Nana appears rather happily seeing rows of reporters in front thinking of the outcome.
meanwhile, Mio decided that she wasn’t feeling well and needed a rest.
and then she disappear, to fufill what Nana asked her to do.
rest of the members got the call that Mio went missing and decided to head to the event to handle the situation.
Ren then discover that the pin on the pig-rabbit was gone and that the clothes that he bought for her was missing to.
having an inking of what’s gonna happen, inside the theater pitch black, he told Shu & Yuki to find Mio, but a girl dressed in white dress and a grey cardigan.
both of them was basically shocked, not to mention how shocked Yuki is when he asked wasn’t them supposed to find Mio why find a girl??

Ren went outside and find thankfully spotted Mio and chased her into the theater.
because of his extreme night blindness, he couldn’t see her once he step inside.
after trying and trying he shouted, “didn’t i ask you to be stand somewhere that i couldn’t see you?”
this shocked the whole audience, more so for Mio.
lights on, and before Ren could react, Shu pulled Mio to him and hugged her, successfully shielding her face from the hordes of reporters.
Yuki seeing Mio in female dress gapes in shock.
Shu, looking straight ahead to Ren, said aloud that she’s her girlfriend.

and end,
this scene i feel wasn’t as impactful as in YB.
i just got a “see i’m protecting her unlike you” feel from Shu.
not an all out war like between Shin Woo & Tae Kyung.
the “she’s my girl now” strong stare wasn’t in Shu’s eyes?

something that i have just realise after thinking through it today at work,
at the first episode, there wasn’t anything stating the reason why the President decided to recruit Mio into A.N.JELL right?
i remember YB has a part of their concert at the 1st ep then Manager Ma was saying Tae Kyung should not/cannot sing live and should lip sync instead?
thus, that was the reason why Min Nam was recruited right?
by taking out this part in IDN, doesn’t it makes the whole story worthless? LOL.
i remember this vividly because i was wondering why they didn’t have a concert in the 1st ep like in YB except the one during the orphanage which was in 2nd ep of IDN.

[food for thought eh? /nitpicking. HAH.]
more detailed recaps: http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/ikemen-desu-ne-episode-6/


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