Mio saw Ren fake kissing Nana to shut her mouth from telling the reporters about Mio secret.
tears started to drop while Mio was asking herself why that overwhelming sadness?

Mio ran away, Shu saw and got up to her.
telling her, he too was surprise that Ren and Nana were dating.
and the reason she felt that way was because she was a fan of Ren.
*points to outside with hordes of fans crying seeing the news of them dating*
so nice of Shu to do that to make Mio think that her emotions are normal and acceptable.

this extra scene of Nana’s stylist asking Yuki if he wanted to keep him accompany coz his Ren-sama is dating Nana.
and how his voice changes when he say that Yuki is obviously the same kind as him – GAY.

back at home,
a party was made for Ren to congratulate him for dating Nana.
then, Mio’s aunt and president came saying that the aunt house caught a fire and she has no place to stay.
oh oh and epic scene of Mio being force to choose who to share a room with.

not sure if it’s me,
but i think the emotions/feelings portrayed by the 3 members are slightly different from the korean version.
Yuki heave a huge sigh of relief that he wasn’t choosen,
and Shu heave a huge sigh of sadness that he wasn’t choosen.

stun gun was given to Mio in case Ren tries to do anything to her in the room. LOL
and guess what she managed to stun herself, as usual, when she wanted to go and get a drink coz she can’t sleep.
TROLOLOL, and she falls beside Ren till the next morning.
imagine how horrific Ren is when he woke up and saw Mio sleeping beside him.

so it’s time for Mio to record her debut song.
“Alone”, with the tune of “Without Words aka Maldo Eobshi”
failed as she can’t get the explosive feeling into the song as per required.
and then she decided to go over to her hometown to visit her father’s grave as it’s his death anniversary.

as the story goes,
It was suppose to be the manager who had to bring Mio to the grave,
but ended up became Ren. hahahah.
halfway through, Mio brought drinks for Ren which ended up being splashed across his top coz he was careless
but he took it onto Mio’s fault though. oh well.
being a clean freak, she had to buy him a sportswear which he didn’t like it from a roadside stall.

they went straight to the grave yard and yes, Ren’s mother is already there.
and yes Mio missed her and so a lost opportunity to knowing her mother’s details.

while they were both gone, 
Ren decided to go to some ulu spot and enjoy the nature,
and tada, got chased by a pig.

but that scene was mega short, no tas epically funny as the korean version one.
awww, poor Tae Kyung oppa. :3

ok back to topic,
and then, Ren got lost. baka him went to tweet that he was lost in the woods.
guess what? it became an sensation over the internet.

Mio, being Mio, had that special ability to find Ren apparently by just thinking of him and his clean freak habits.

well, it turned dark before they can go back
and their torch lights are not working.
Ren cannot see in the dark and jumping at every other noises thinking that it’s rabbit.
poor him is afraid of one since he got bitten by one before.
gentle looking but dangerous. exactly like Mio, or so he said. 

it’s nice how when Mio was confiding in him about the stars and whatnots.
Ren was sweet to say that she’s not only just a fan, but a special someone that sings his song.

Nana then came and interrupted them. LOL. 
saying to Mio while Ren was away on the phone that she wants to spend time alone with him.
so left with no choice, Mio had to say that she wants to accompany her aunt who’s staying alone.

the next day, 
Shu came over to fetch her.
but Mio was expecting Ren though. 
oh the sad face, poor Shu seriously. 

after they got back, Mio went straight for recording again.
all 3 members are around, Mio started singing.
the more she sang, the more her tears fall.
but surprise, she can finish the whole song unlike Minnam. 
looks like she can control her emotion or at least hang on to it till the very end.
the song wasn’t that bad, there’s the explosive emotions to what it was meant to be.

after the song was done, she couldn’t take it anymore and ran out.
Shu found her first and pulls her in saying that he will shield her from anyone.
sweet boy indeed. :3

Mio saw Ren when she rises her head and in horror/fear she ran away.
Shu stop him asking him to let her be alone.

baka manager thought that Mio likes Shu. 

here comes Yuki seated opposite Mio when she was doubting herself.
and the episode ended with him counselling her saying that if it’s him, he won’t be making her sad like this. 


cannot wait for the next episode!
oh the scene of Jeremy bring Minnam on a date to lift her emotions was awesome. 
i love seeing that happy scene, and the memorable bus ride!

more detailed recaps: http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/ikemen-desu-ne-episode-4/


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