okay, it started with Ren hugging Mio coz she was crying from the news of her mother passed away.

Jeremy and Shu was then told what happened and Jeremy scolding himself baka coz of the rest treating her so well.
then Ren gave her permission to skip the reporters reception.
so here comes the scene whereby Mio have to dressed up with Nana clothes to run away.
so scandal begins between Nana and Ren.

It’s interesting how they made the scene of them running away from the 3 reporters.
one by one they were blocked by some circumstances till they reached where Nana was.
and Ren throwing her side asking her to settle the remaining problem.

Mio then went to find her aunt to ask about her parent’s things.

the party after that was awesome.
IMO it’s the best they could have made comparing to the Korean version.
the decoration was awesome with the ball like thingy which you can pull open and have thing and paper dropping down.
and Ren failing to pull it off and ended up got the ball hit on his head was funny!
the dinner was pretty normal with normal BBQ food unlike a huge feast on the Korean side.
and there’s fire works and sparklers, seems like they had great fun!
that scene on how Shu wanted to confess to her but decided to just asked her to bring the dishes in instead. awwww.

Mio decided to leave A.N.JELL the next day but who knows,
she was asked to have an solo debut first. HAHAH!

she decided to go to the church to see Mother Superior and both the Manager and Ren misunderstand it. joke.

Nana then saw the stylist returning her clothes and ask her about the mysterious girl.
and as usual, she spilled the beans about Mio being a girl. BAKA stylist!

Ren got called by Nana about her knowing about Mio secret and threw her shoes away.
and gentlemanly shield her from the public when she got hit by a basketball.
and scammed Mio into saying that Ren won’t fetch her back.

and thus the epic stalking by Shu starts.
he really looks nice wearing the hat though i can’t deny, Minwoo still looks better. ❤
but halfway Mio saw a heels she liked and Shu decide to buy it. LOL.
(ps: that shoes was suppose to be Minwoo wanting to give it to Minnam on that lunch date.)
but i think for this version Shu wanted to surprise her with the shoes when he asked her to turn back at last.
IMO, maybe coz the gap between them was larger,
i couldn’t feel the ache that i felt when Minnam was really just a fucking step away from Minwoo.

and the prettier pin that Ren bought for Mio.
i like this princessy one better!

after that Nana decided to appear in A N Entertainment to return Ren his jacket.
and bargain about their fake scandal if not she will reveal it to the reporters.

the episode ended by Mio witnessing their fake kiss.


i think the characters started to grow on me now.
I feel better about the show,
nothing very fast pace this time round despite them deciding to put certain scenes in different areas.

Mio is still not having the cute puffed face of Minnam.
Ren is better at smirking now.

more detailed recaps: http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/ikemen-desu-ne-episode-3/


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