okay, so this episode is 46 minutes long.
started off with Ren showing Mio prove of him recorded web chat which holds her secret.

and her begging him to not tell anyone about it.
and the snatching Ren’s phone scene when he steps in the elevator.

it wasn’t the famous truck scene but they made it into them throwing the phone onto a scaffold netting.
horrible how Ren (or the PD) asked Mio to climb up it. (which is btw higher and more dangerous then the truck)
well, the netting gave way and she hangs on to the scaffold for her dear life.
Ren wanted to get help but seeing that Mio cannot hold on anymore and asked her to let hold promising to catch her.
and she let go and falls onto Ren safely.
Ren got up without a tear on his short just back pain. ==.
while in Korean ver. Taekyung got such a huge tear on his shirt after Minnam fell on him.

i felt that a particular part was way too fast paced.
within 10 minutes (i think):
Ren was brought to a lunch appointment with the president on his mother wanting him to remake a song,
him getting a prawn allergy coz she ordered something with prawns in it for them,
and Shu and Mio having a “date” in the same restaurant,
and Mio dirtied her pants needing to go the the toilet to wash up thus seeing Ren in the toilet,
Ren and Mio in a park supposedly Mio was taking care of Ren coz of his allergy,
then Mio passed Ren her important ring asking him to take care of it,
and he went to threw it into the river,
and Mio searching overnight for it,
and you know the rest, Mio hugging Ren thinking that he found it for her etc.

okay, here comes my thoughts,
where’s the valid reason for Shu wanting to bring Mio on a date?
there wasn’t any development in the plot for a date like this.
there wasn’t any special relationship between them that would make Shu likes Mio like Minwoo would to Minnam.
the scene was like just there for no reason except to make it similar to the Korean one.
the story just doesn’t flow nicely.

and wtf, Ren recover so fast enough to play a prank on Mio by fake throwing her ring into the pond withing say 5 mins after eating prawns?
it wasn’t like this fast for the Korean version right?

OH! and Ren actually fainted from how dirty he is soaked from the pond water,
thus the part on how Mio saved Ren exploded on the internet.

That photoshoot for their debut concert as 4 in the swimming pool scene was cut off.
i actually think that was important for the character development.
without it, it didn’t show how much Taekyung actually worried about Minnam secret being discovered,
and how much he goes all out to save her from drowning.
or how determined she is on going for the photoshoot since it’s gonna be underwater
and Taekyung scared her by implying that they might be wearing swimming trunks.

after Mio debut concert came the news via the phone of her mother passing away.
personally, i think Mio didnt portrayed as sad as Minnam was.
okay she cried pitifully but it still doesn’t feels like an all out breakdown.
and Ren came up to comfort her knowing what happened.
no bittersweet feel, to me.
but Shu has a more bitter feeling then Minwoo in this scene.

/// seriously speaking, none of the characters are growing on me.
by the same plot, i should be liking Yuki alot, and Ren should be growing on me seeing how nice he is to Mio now.
I don’t feel anything now man. ):

for more detailed recaps: http://www.asianaddictsanonymous.com/ikemen-desu-ne-episode-2/


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