You’re beautiful aka 原來是美男。


Started watching this because I finished my Hana Kimi manga.
Plus I was bored with nothing to do on my tablet. Hah.

Think I was hooked to it from the very first episode.
Much thanks to Jeremy oppa.


Cannot deny, Tae Kyung oppa and the rest very attractive too.

And then I swiftly completed the 16 episodes in less then a week.

Min Nam first day as A.N.JELL member.
Their 1st concert together as 4.
ANGEL chocolate commercial pose!
Bi Bi Noodles dance!
Xmas partyyyyy~ (?)

I love this drama.
Think that its a very complete one with solid story line and character development.
Its hard to find a idol drama with nice story plot AND good ending.
countless dramas ended wth shit endings.
cannot deny that 16 episodes are indeed a little short.
But think about it, any longer it would have been deem unnecessary.

I would die for longer concert scene for the last episode.

Tae Kyung singing “Ottokajo”.

But, that scene was for Tae Kyung to find Min Nam back.

I would kill for future scenes between them after her return from Africa?
But it would have to drag too long to end it.
What’s the point?

The main idea is to let audience know that they are together. ❤

together, forever. ❤


My review on the three male A.N.JELL members: 

found very nicely written episode recaps!


Anything to say?

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