Tae kyung:

I used to find him annoying from the start.
He’s that arrogant so full of himself kinda guy.
Always finding fault with Min Nam, making things difficult for her.

oh and did i say how much i love how he cock his head to the side?


Then he started slowly doing things for Mei Nam,
no matter how much he says she’s a tenji-tuki (pig-rabbit).
Pig for always making the pig nose which stands for her trying to control her liking emotions towards Tae Kyung.
Rabbit for having a gentle, mild appearance but always dangerously getting in trouble like a rabbit which looks harmless but bit Tae Kyung when he was young.

Operation Success!


I fell in love with the sweet him, his pouts, his handsome smirks, his uncontrollable concern towards Mei Nam. (,:

And how much of a 大男人 he is.
“Giving permission for her to like him.”
From “Saying he will only say that he likes her once.”
To “Saying he will say sarangheyo to her everyday.”





okayyyy here’s Tae Kyung photos spam:




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