Shin Woo:


He’s that #foreveralone guy in kdrama.
No wonder people compared him to JiHoo of Boys Over Flowers.
Sweet, caring,  always there for the female lead.

He maybe a bit stalker-ish for always noticing Min Nam.
But he’s always there for her every time she’s crying because of  Tae Kyung.



That scene when he was on the phone with Min Nam guiding her around the shopping area on his imaginary date with her..
Giving her recommendations on where to eat the best noodles, ice creams, shopping for clothes and all.


Omg second saddest part of the drama. ) :
just one more step, she would have know that its him…

Nice guys finish last in k drama. :/

I ship Shin Woo with Min Nam too.
Such a great guy, sigh. Friend-zoned.
He tried wayyyyy harder then Tae Kyung to chased her lo.

The church scene also heart breaking.
All the efforts made, she’s always running away from him.

No words can describe how a perfect boyfriend he will be. awwwww.


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