I like him first out of the three members.
His happy go lucky personality, his blonde hair, his ability to cheer people up. Always saying it’s okay.

cutest drummer ever!
playful oppa!

And it especially hurts a lot from that “last bus scene”
Since he’s such a happy guy, his tears are all the more heartbreaking to see.

The way he was crying while singing that happy song over the phone on radio show which was meant for Mei Nam.
The lyrics which carries his feelings to her that wasn’t accepted..
And his he emphasis she’s the only one that he let to hold his Jolie’s leash, and his precious secret bus rides. That exclusivity..
And he he can be so emotional on the bus but the moment he alights he can become the happy Jeremy again


(MN) Jeremy…

(J) I was fine when you said you were a guy and when you became a woman again. But if you say it’s Tae-kyung hyung… I can’t be fine. Why isn’t it me? You were the only one that I told about this magic bus. I only allowed you and no one else to hold Jolie’s leash. I was even going to sing a song for you. Why? Why can’t you like me?

(Jeremy’s voice cracks as he speaks; both of them are crying; he turns his face away; she sits across the aisle and continues looking at him; both sit in silence as the bus goes on its one-hour journey; his phone rings; it’s the radio station calling to check why he isn’t at the recording studio; he had promised to sing a song on air at the end of the program; he stares at the phone and then at Mi-nam before answering)

(J) There isn’t much time left, is there? I’ll just sing the song over the phone.

(radio station gives the go-ahead; deejay introduces Jeremy to listeners)

(J) Hello, it’s Jeremy. Since college entrance exams are over, I wanted to give all our industrious students a happy song as encouragement.

(deejay introduces the song title: Excellent Words; Jeremy looks directly at Mi-nam as he speaks into the phone, as though he’s speaking to her)

(J) These excellent words were so precious to me and I held onto them dearly. They are words I can’t easily repeat, but I hope they won’t become words you don’t want to hear, or meaningless words that make you sad.

“I love you! These words are really good words. Words that Jeremy wants to give her too ~ I love…. I love you [Sarang… Saranghaeyo]” )))),:
(he begins to sing, tears streaming down his face, his voice breaking again and again as Mi-nam watches in tears; he sings the last line of the song, “I love you, I love you” and sighs deeply, the expression on his face a mix of pain and anger)

(MN) Those are very good words.

(J) But you can’t accept them. I can’t say that I’m feeling okay now, but when the bus returns to its starting point, I will be all right then.

(the journey finally ends; before disembarking, he tells her to forget everything that he said on the bus so that he can return to being the fun-loving person he was; they get down and, like an act of illusion, he instantly is cheerful, putting his arm around her and suggesting that they treat themselves to ice cream)

///// (credits to:

I can so relate to it.
Try crying so hard that you can barely eat that you’re just forcing yourself mouthful after mouthful. /history. Pfft.
Cried shit loads coz he gave me that feeling from the past.
Even thinking about that scene now makes me sad.  ), :

I like how his character teaches me that if you wanna be emotional, just allow yourself that promised timeframe.
Anytime, anywhere else, you must be the happy person again and not think about the sad stuffs again.

And he’s only a year older them me omgggggggg.


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