BKK trip [5/8/2012 – 8/8/2012]

Before departing @ the gate!
am still the best skilled to take self-take photos. (:

pretty excited to take the flight.
think the last time i took was the Perth Trip for Pure Geography class.

slept on off throughout the 2 hours odd flight.
not that awesome seats, a little cramped since it’s just AirAsia.
but who cares, it wasn’t for long distance anyway.

got scammed to take a big cab since the person claimed that our luggage cannot fit into a small one.
and that big ones don’t accept by meter. SCAMMED 700 bahts. ):

put down our stuffs at the hotel and gotten another cab to go to the weekend market.
super rushed, 3 hours plus to walked through.

Their local milk tea was not bad. A different flavor to it.

but good enough, gotten a few stuffs.
could have spent more time if not for their closing at 6 or so.

Next up was the ladyboys show @ Asia Hotel
waiting for the show!

Their story line is not bad, moves are well executed.
the “ladies” are chio-er than most of us.
but there are pretty and cute guys in suites too.

and their 7-11 cannot be missed.
super super in love with their convenience food.
why oh why SG don’t have this kinda nice food!!!

Our admin things to do everynight: splitting of loots & settling the money.

Breakfast wasn’t awesome, it’s just toasts and mini sasuages and/or fried rice/etc.
of course with the usual coffe/tea/orange juice.
but their chilli was awesome, it’s sweet!!

second and third day was mostly spent at the Platinum Mall.
walked until wanna die, massive shopping woots!

and the mad loads of guys tee-shirts!

and we did pretty nails near the MBK area in the morning after getting lost in the Chinatown. LOL!

RIbbons โค
mad love this, uber cutie!

after all the shopping we had uber expensive buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
The tallest hotel in BKK! (I think)

International Buffet @ about SGD32?

we were at the 82th level so we can see the pretty night sky.
loads of lightings and we observed pretty much jams by seeing the red lights from the cars.
Food is mad nice, Sashimi is awesome, Pad Thai was the best.
$30+ for this kinda food and atmosphere is really worth it!

ooh, and not to mentions that was entertainments for us during the dinner.
from people playing instrutments, to clowns to magicians!!

The clown is the most amazing one.
he can talk in a squeaky voice that’s really mad funny.
we can really just ROFL by hearing his squeaky laugh.
best of all he is able to revert to his normal voice to converse in Thai to the locals.

and he looks really sincere in bringing joy and laughter to us.
salutes to him!

the clown that is really amazing!
the tweety bird that he made for us. (:

oh and i forgot when, but we watched Step Up 4 Revolution in 3D at Siam Paragon.
they have pretty cinemas inside and outside the theater.
and im pretty amazed at the fact that they play their National Anthem before the movie starts.
cannot fathom how much they respect their King.

the outside of the cinema
the inside leading up to the cinema!

all in all,
not a bad trip considering it was my first time.

could have spend lesser time in Platinum Mall and move to Patrunum since it’s cheaper there.
and of course could have bought more things for ourselves then for our friends. HEH!

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