Who are, who are, who are we~~

The whole week man.
Thank God I know in not the only one experiencing this.

FB have been popping up on off comments on status & pictures mentioning of NDP.

Hahhh, especially so on the thought of going to flyer food court eating the bahchormee.
It’s amazing how much We miss NDP. (,:
Not sure if that date is on tomorrow though. Heh.

Wait for it,
My post on the actual parade && the dinner.

Gotta go, see you guys soon!!! ╭(╯ε╰)╮

Finally the appreciation dinner photos are out on the intranet today.
But so many are missing!
I remember Audrey saying there’s thousands of photos that she downloaded from papa DSLR..
Maybe I Should get from him directly. Hahhh!!!


Anything to say?

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