Mini updates!

So many things happened these few weeks…

Not gonna go into details But yeah,
some things are never meant to be,
While some thing are.
No matter how much you tried,
At the end is the day, the results sometimes lies in not just our decision, but others too.

NDP is going into the final milestone..
Starting of the National Education show for the primary 5 students.
Soon after it will be the preview, then the actual day.
Everyday I’m counting down to Saturday,
Loving the bonds we have with my fav sembwaste people.
And my lovely JI folks. ((:

Hope the boyf can make it for the NE show this coming week.
Though it will be cock up,
But it’s good seats, plus celest being the contigent commander.

Thankful for every opportunity for me to realise my dream from years ago. Heh.


Anything to say?

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