Never take anyone for granted.

Treasure every moments, you will never know who will leave you the next moment.
Easier said then done, I hope I can do this every second.

Jolin posted an abstruct of the blog of the girlf of PTE Tan that was killed in the overturned jeep.
Happy 2 years & 1 month to them,
I really hope the girl can move on.
Not gonna leave her blog link here, find it if you can.

Other than the family mourning,
I think the next one that suffers the most is the girlf.
Esp when she’s still schooling, how to concentrate on her studies like this?

Le sigh, life is so fragile.
Just like the Ferrari accident.
You will nenevr know what will happen…

Lucky or suay?
A blessing in disguise or a downright misfortune?

I love you boy,
No matter how much I’m angry, pissed, upset, disappointed or etc ..
Deep down, I’ll always love you.
Take very very good care in army.
I’ll pray v hard that nothing bad happens to you.


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