Loving Singapore, Our Home

NDP 2012!

I cant wait for the perfect coordination to be presented to the public.
I know I’m crazy but I love how SHIOK i feel when the whole contigent does anything in PERFECT TIMING.
for marching, I’m a PERFECTIONIST.
I wanna hear the LOUD & SOLID bang, I wanna see a SHARP 90 degrees turn.
I LOVE the aderline rush whenever I hear the 2x drum beats rolling.
It’s like what running to to people, it PUMPS my heart like nobody’s biz.

but it’s kinda embrassing to know that among the 40+ people participating for my company,
only ONE did NS before. >.<

and the 10 steps advancement to salute to the 45th years anniversary to NS.
to give credits to those that have served the nation, and their loved ones for supporting them through it.
proud to say that i’m saluting to my boyf and myself. ((:

It would be nice to be able to do that salute as a contigent commander though (too bad I’m not). HEH.

wait &&& see, i’ll master my drills, i’ll control the banner flag like it’s part of my limb.

HAHA, i really hope we can deliever a good parade,
afterall it has been lengthen to 55 minutes this year and attention is given to coporate companies likes us.

but omgosh,
it’s damn mushy and cheesy how the Parade RSM wanted us to to the NDP12 cheer everytime after the debreief.


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