loving my life now!

work has been pretty slack.
okay, i admit, very slack.

thank god new girl veron is picking up doing process.
free-ing angie to help us in any and everything.

in the end, i only do half of the work i’m supposed to do everyday.
slacking off, or relaxing by say just 1-2 hours into working.
meaning 9.30-10.30am everyday.

awesome-ness gmarketing and playing around whole day.
as the days passed, it’s gonna be month start again.
oh the monthly testings woes. ๐Ÿ˜

gotta hate june-july,
new wastewater plant coming up omgosh.
and not to mention new woodchip boiler as per reported on channelnewsasia.

so we gotta relax all that we could now!



Anything to say?

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