the most awaited cruise!

Not really very exclusive which i though it will be,
but still, it’s better than nothing.

gotta really thank the crew of Channel U for picking me.
le sigh, no interactions with Jiro.
I bet till now after all these years he still dunno the existence of me. )):

Just (them, the other fans) mad spamming photos
and the relax us occasionally took some since our camera is lousy!

but it’s nice being on a cruise,
staring at your idol far (ok, quite near) away.

security guards Y U SO FIERCE!
practically form a barrier man. zzzz.

Goo Hye Sun was feeling seasick and wobbly so they gotta cut short the whole event.
they promised us photos with them in pairs though. *fangirl scream*
but they took back the group photo and supposely the lucky draw which some other fans hear the crew said. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I’m wayyyyy too short beside Jiro, & i think my shoulders are as broad as him man.
omg, they look wayyy too perfect in any angle. HAH!
they walked past after it end and i got to shake his hand whoa!
fangirling so much that i can only whimpered ๅคงๆฑ.
it was so bad that i can only whimper OMGGGGG~

guessed I need more experience in close proximity with idols. HAHAHA!

at the very least, photo with Jiro, DOWN.

Here’s the picture after i’ve edited.
if you guys hardworking enough can go channel U Facebook find the original photo.
but me and prissy looks way too cui in it so must edit add in things!
and i think i’m actually of the same skin tone as Jiro? o.O

weeeeee~ โค

and the other mad fangirling moment!
OMGGGG YES 933 Peifen ahhhh! โค
sibei high seeing her i feel like seeing Cruz Teng too!
too bad i dont like Jiafa, if not will find him take photo too.
they were both the emcees of that night event.

pretty aye!

Mr Perfect lazing by the cruise โค

XinMSN video of the romantic cruise with the leads of Absolute Darling.

XinMSN article on the cruise.

/// Photos of that night by me, prissy and Germaine(another fan we met otw there)
please credit when taking them out of photobucket.

Anything to say?

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