JB trip over long weekends!

Lunch @ Arashi

Mad fun and loads and loads of laughters even before we step into JB.

9gag meme!

gotta love this group of people for being in my life.
I’ve made the right choice to join SGClub 5/6 years ago. ((:

9gag-ing the whole day all thanks to shifu .
learnt so much about 9gag just within that few hours. HAH!

bitch pleaseeeee~
you don’t say~~
#forever alone, #likeaboss

Eating at Arashi which was freaking awesome its Salmon & Hokkaido Milk broth.
Not to say how prissy is being troll-ed by net net for taking picture of the Salmon. ;P

This also wanna take picture? Bitch please~~ trololololol
groupie outside Arashi!

Afterwards it’s KTV time!
these people can really sing damn well!
like a concert feel~~~
alrighty, i’m a noob in singing. )):

hugs bear bear~

traveled back to CIty Square for dinner @ Chicken Rice Shop
net net and Mr_J being the hungry guys they are, shared a 3 person meal between them.


all in all a good trip to relax and have fun.
can’t wait for more of these, BKK izt uncle net net?


Anything to say?

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