so tiring!

forgot to blog that my dragonboat training has resumed already!

first training last saturday [10/3/2012] was so shag max.
a few new people joined but yey i’m still the youngest there.
insisted to change to being right rower and wack my thumb and it bleed. D:
coach keep saying: ” xiao mei twist your body!”
then my poor thumb suffered. >.<
then the whole week whole body muscles aching likeashit only.
my butt, my arms, my back, my legs.

this last training,
same, insisted on the right again, wack my thumb the first thing. sian max only.
it was reletively smooth considering it was the training for the fun race for the world water day on 24th.
all experienced rowers. so had a pretty fun time.
went into racing mode training woohoooo shag at the maintancence phase. /killme.
the aderline rush was so awesome but so tiring.
changed to the left on the last row for the last 2 sets of full 110 strokes.
amazingly i did not wack my thumb,
i did not hit the front rower,
and best of all, coach actually praise me twice! (well, kinda).
isn’t “That’s the way!” consider praising? heh. 😀
not sure if it’s because i was relax?
or that coz i had experience as a left rower. hmmm.

makes me feels like keeping to left so that i wont wack my thumb again. =.=


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