what we did during his block leave

finally made our way to Style Wedding to see jerrin again.
the last time we went was before his enlistment lo!
so freaking long ago, she was laughing at his botak head.  😆
same, paid 100 bucks each.
/// MUST remember that boyf have extra 100 bucks with me.

then we head over to bedok via bus.
his mission to buy Suan Pan Zi failed coz the stall no longer sell it.
I’m a bloody hakka but i don’t eat it. >.<
i think if i know how to make that, his mother sure love me more. heh.

Ate Chicken Pot which is like a mini steamboat buffet at Bedok Point.
think kinda cool. in the end we eat like 20 plus bucks and we said it became our monthsary dinner instead.

Met the boy after my work at Jurong Point,
wanted to ate something a lil more ex but since previous dinner is alrdy ex so we settled for Prata Wala.
dragged him to see HuiYi and YiZi since we all took the same boonlay bus.

Zoo trip with Jolin & her babykins. 😛
great thanks for the corporate card.
we were both very underprepared. LOL.
they both have food and drinks and stuff toys in their bags. lololol
must learn next time, but i confirm will complain heavy de.
and torty was angry at me keep saying i wanna go the kids world. ):
okay lah, but we were both tired, 😐
all thanks to the boy for training me to not hang out the whole day alrdy.

went over to boyf house and slackkkkkkkk.
seriously #likeapig
me and his brother was watching the latest Running Man.
and him playing Destina on my phone.

then met the NTU people at jurong point first coz they were eating yakun for their lunch!
trained over to meet Hui2, walked around Marina Square super long then decided on Swenson.
After ordering our food, and all of us eating already then Yana came over.
“Picnic-ed” at the outside area to kill time since boss going for her Chingay performace.
feasted on alcoholic(!) chocolates and non alcoholic ones for Yana ans Susu ofc!
and our insider joke: #likeapeizhen. UH UH SIOL!

Meet torty’s secondary school friends for lunch/ktv/dinner.
finally i participated in making the birthday card!
the two army guys go there so early do nothing sio.
only drink Mac’s coffee. lolololol. 😆

we had Aijisen for lunch! i ate bento set though, dislike ramen. >.<
finally sae tzehock girlf too!
i’m with Weilei for nearly 2 years alrdy didnt even see her once before.
uber fun time during lunch i disiao MX till he no word to say. HOHO.
signed on navy ME (Military Expert) guy rich le sioooooo!
so sad that Jingwen have to leave early for her project D:

then ktv @ Party World clementi mall.
so sad that the promotion was off since it’s CNY period. zzzz.
but money was spent worthwhile lah.
finally i get to sing after so long!!
awesome oldies session (MX english songs like ABBA & etc, mine & mel 5566 obsession)
and the woohooo korean rubbish singing! (BigBang, SNSD, SHINee)
Shiva finally joined us nearing the end with the birthday boy’s cake! ❤

then we had dinner @ Bukit Timah Food Center.
superrrr long havent been there.
it’s ngee ann fav place during loft stay! 😀
misses all the time we stayed in loft man. awwwwwww. 😐
feasted #likeapig with Char Kwey Teow, Satay, Chee Kueh, Carrot Cake etc.

talk cock session @ King Albert’s Park Mac
torty playing Destina again,
MX falling asleep and getting bullied by Shiva
the rest of us talking crap and etc.

Homed via 75 again!
so long never took 75 back from ngeeann. 🙂

at his house gain to slack and hang around.
helping him pack his things for his new unit.
played with his helmet woohooooo.

good day for us both 😉 , except the ending was destroyed by my mother(who else?)


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