after 4 months

The day the boys have been looking forward to, POP!

BMT is suppose to change a guy,
but looking at my boy, i can’t see any huge difference.
even him also say he don’t feel any major difference. LOL.

slimmer a bit maybe?
BUT confirm more vulgur then he was before enlisting.

pictures time, not alot, though i wish that i can have more time to find friends to take pictures.
didn’t manage see xiao jun hai, eddie, jiahao, binhui, and etcetc.

Him and MX!
His platoon mate who aspires to be a fund manager next time.

His Sgt! oops is Sir!!
Luqman, me and the boy!
me and MX! ;my hair flying sia. fugly.
The family & me!
my dear super pro runner Jolin!
His Sgt cut cute. ;P

PS: i think this Smart 4 that he’s wearing is i folded for him de. 😀


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