have i achieve my 2011 resolutions?

  • Learn to be independent, gradually stop crying/angry/irritated/hurt over every little thing boyf says/does/acts.
  • Continue loving what i love, hate what i hate, do what i do &&& be myself no matter what. 我要活的更像我.
  • Learn not to be so jealous/envy about what other people/couples have & cherish what I/we have.
  • Put in reasonable practicable amount of time and effort into every relationships.
  •  Continue praying, and counting my blessings everyday.
  •  Usage of the various NLP concept into daily life.
  1. NLP Presuppositions
  2. Representation System
  3. Metaprogramms
  4. Rapport Building
  5. Anchoring

my 2011 new year resolutions,
how much do you guys think i’ve achieve it?

i think i have indeed grew to be more independent now,
not really bothered about much things that people say,
being able to take things in stride more now.
for boyf side, he’s still my world lah.
no matter what i will still get affected by him a certain extend.
but yes i believe i don’t get emotional so easily now.
maybe a little while when he enlisted but now i’m alrdy used to it.

secondly, yes i am even more myself this time round.
i’ve came to realise even if you don’t really take the initiative to contact people,
people that loves you will still sms/whatsapp/msn/fb msg you like normal.
ofc i also know that you can’t totally not take the initiative,
but people that love you, will still love you for who you are,
for the me that do not take intiative to contact friends.
people that love you, will still bear with you.

sad to say, i’m still pretty jealous at many things that other couples have.
staying over at each other house,
being very close with their family,
the boyf being ultra sweet to the girls.
HAH, but i know that my boy is made that way,
and yes i do love him all the same no matter how unromantic he is. 😆
and i do know that he loves me the way i am too. :’)

i tried my best in every friendship this year.
that’s why i was really glad to be closer to the couple of guys.
i don’t want this to end, i wanna continue opening up to people and having more close friends!

this counting my blessings everyday,
i think i kinda failed these few days.
getting lazy, not good.
but it was nice to know that after everything,
you’re still alive,
with a roof above your head,
with money in your wallet,
with food in your fridge,
with water readily available,
with clothes on you.
&&& etc.

the last one was my worst one.
even though i tried my v best but i really forgot about NLP.


Anything to say?

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