what happen in 2011?

The significant things that happened in 2011:

  1. Graduation from NgeeAnn
  2. Joining Agape
  3. going full time into Sembcorp
  4. boyf’s enlistment
  5. getting hooked onto the korean entertainment industry

Graduation was pretty alright.
during then, i was kinda pissed off with myself for my lousy grades.
pissed off at why i can’t go uni,
wondered if i made the right choice to go poly 3 years back..
but now, i realise the industry is so small,
even with degree, it’s not easy to get a job too.
plus after working for so long, i’m lazy to study again. HOHO.

Joining agape kinda fulfilled my wish to be a camp/program facilitator.
I think it kinda changed me as a person,
even though i only took up a short 4 programs only..
it made me realise that i can’t talk well,
i can’t do debrief properly,
i cant seems to give instructions properly and clearly either.
but i learnt alot about leadership and teamwork.
it was a really enriching experience that i hop to continue somemore..
actually i really wanted this to mold me into a better person, a better leader…
why oh why did i say that i don’t wanna do the ITE camps anymore? 😐

Sembcorp, is my current full time job.
it was a really rocky start.
but i’m very glad that it has gone on pretty smoothly.
plenty of exposures around,
love the fact that there’s dragonboating, and other events.
give me a chance to know more colleagues from other departments.
gotta love a company with plenty of events for relaxing yeah?
oh and ofc the free USS family day! ❤

boyf’s enlistment made me realise that there are really all kinds of people around.
people that just dont wanna do things right.
people that can just fk around with different girls everynight or smth.
people that can have their future planned out nicely.
all kinds of people, all kinds of buddies everywhere.
till now, i still cannot see major changes in him.
maybe slowly, i hope he will improve for the better in army. 🙂

Kpop was something i thought i will never ever get myself into.
i used to not understand why will people be crazy about kpop.
it’s like you dont even understand wht your idold are singing or saying.
why or how can someone get so hyped up over it?
but thanks to weilei, i got hooked onto runningman, then family outing.
then slowly exposing myself to korean songs.
it was great, after all, what have i got to lose anyway?
RM & FO was uber funny, brought me so much laughter that i wanna cry.
the songs though i don’t understand the meaning but were nice too.
so i will continue to be hook onto KVariety, and listening to a little Kpop.


lost some, gain alot more, got closer to couple of others.

I’m grateful for everything that has happened between me and my friends.
whether i’ve lost you, or got pretty much closer to this couple of you guys.
i’m so glad that these things happened. 😀

TO huishi,
gotta really thank weilei for this erm chance(?) to know you.
i swear you feel like my BFF, my capricorn soulmate.
it’s nice to know someone that can understand my/our stubbornness. 😆
yes our’s is a cyber friendship but i don’t really care.
and i swear i will be awkward when we ever meet again IRL.
but it was nice to talk to you, crap with you, complaining abt weilei to you and etc.
i really wanna find a great girl for you lah! :X
seriously, you’re a great guy don’t ever doubt yourself yeah?

TO luqman,
it was nice to be able to randomly hang out with you.
so lucky that we stay pretty close yeah?
talking crap with you was fun tooooo!
see you during POP yeah?
let’s keep hanging out randomly. 😀
i think it’s awesome to have friends staying nearby.

it’s okay to lose friends in the process,
but it feels super great to be able to get closer to your other friends.
thankfully for these people, my life is great most of the times.
i love you guys! but ofc not more than weilei!


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