so what have i been doing since the last time i updated

lets see,
finally after a long, well not really, 2 and a half months i’ve move away from doing wastewater section!
no more super duper cold aircon by the computer,
no more smelly wastewater from plant 2.
no more sweet(!) smelling wastewater from plant 3.
no more hectic running here there everywhere doing so many things everyday.

i think i’m the only one that did the longest for a section. LOLLLL

but now, doing adhoc.
mean running everywhere if any need help.
if 1 MC or on leave, means i cover her section.
plus doing adhoc samples, all the extra samples.
and the monthly samples also …

okay lah, not bad.
kinda looking forward to going seraya.
all alone, ME TIME!
hopefully i can pick up the skills fast.
since everything there is different.
and results are hard to get. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Anything to say?

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