nearly twenty, first time to a club

STOMP-ed 10/12/2011

confession: MAD BORING plus draggy esp at the start.

no fun man seriously, since i can’t drink.
Yes, blame my allergy reaction to alcoholic drinks.

it’s funny to see people drank lah.
i really really wonder how i will be like if i’m drunk. LOL.
never possible to happen, if not body rashes for a FULL week. /kill me.

i don’t mind going again, for the company.
i don’t mind taking care of people afterwards too.
just don’t let me be the ONLY one not drunk. ๐Ÿ˜†

i have no idea how to get loose and be crazy. LOL.
think i was suppress too much and feel weird at places like these. LOLLLL.

haiyerrrrrr, no drinks how to be high and be crazy? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
wait till i pluck up my courage to risk a week of rashes and scolding from my parents.

pictures of the lovely babes!

@nurlibanana so prettyyyyyy! โค
waiting for bossie to doll up!
weet oh weee~

last one of SEXY YAANANNA!

Anything to say?

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