belated posting. LOL!

7 December:

Puss In Boots movie!
thanks to company for the half priced tickets.
super cock up at first coz i only had 3 tickets for the 4 of us.
super duper ultra thankful to Andrea for the extra tickets since his friend can’t make it.

super funny coz the show was kinda lame for kids one.
we were not really paying attention also.
and also: we 4 people sitting on 3 seats ONLY. ๐Ÿ˜†

aftermath went to clark quay central to find Huihui & Yana.
went drinking (Hui & Boss) at BK bar.
Hui be our tour guide for the night life areas around Singapore River!

very fun walking around.
was feeling damn tired and was down with fever!
I took my temperature when i’m home.

luckily (or not), i wasn’t sick the next day.
or rather, was surviving lah.
wore my jacket the whole day over my lab coat. LOL!
was still cold when they off-ed the air con already. :/

okayyyyyyyy, pictures time!

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