JB trip on the third!

camwhore @ SG Custom

finally made my way to JB!

let’s see,
clearing the customs already took us like an hour?
coz we have to wait for serser (Kit’s friend), who’s a malaysian coz she took longer at SG side.
then she have to wait for us over at the malaysia side. ๐Ÿ˜†

went to eat lunch at some roadside stall near the KSL shopping mall?
then went over to the mall to shop around.

night time was dinner!
TWO crabby!

my rilakkuma!

LOOTS! โค

breakdown of my expenses:

  • lunch paid by serser and her boyf (thanks guys! <3)
  • YG magazine (5 RM)
  • Chocolates (35 RM)
  • Bag (79 RM!)
  • Slippers, not in picture (14.90 RM)
  • Medi & Pedicure (55 RM)
  • Zichar dinner (44 RM)

****spent so much within a day kills self. LOL. ****

thanks so much for the boyf weiseng for driving us around. ๐Ÿ˜€


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