Assisi Hospic volunteering on friday!

Spot yana!

my boss the santa, my colleague, yana, junwen, zhongsheng, bryan from cogen the clowns!
shi nuo, my dragonboat mate the pretty santarina.
and commerical boss’ son in the middle!

work for us ended at 2 plus, then we went straight to Assisi in boss car.
and we were late, oopsssss :X

my game stall, after i decorate it with balloons!

guess where the small cute santa soft toy is and you get a prize!
but never guess correct also got price de. LOL!

christmas light up! *boommmmmm*
my colleague

ย ย 

mad love the dino one, at first glance i’ve been wanting to bring it back home.
thank god jun wen and the rest can make it. HAHAHA.
coz the first original one was another guy who made it. ๐Ÿ˜†


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