6 days of rolling in the mud for the soldiers to be!

4 days of fieldcamp. 2 days of SIT test.
Of cameo and mud and rain and jungle and rifle and tekkan.

Just wanna say,
Torty, I believe you can make it.
Do your very best, break your limit, do what you can never do, expect the unexpected.

Like what huishi says. No need to worry. Your serg will take care of you when you really cannot make it.
Don’t worry about falling out.
You know you tried your best, they know, your platoon mates know.
Don’t be guilty. It’s alright, everyone is different.

Remember, every step you take, every raindrop that stood in you,  every tekkan you endure, all brings you a step closer to book out day, a step closer to seeing me. ❤

And, be selfish at every chance you can.
No need to put in all your energy to help others to build their basha, or shellscrape or anything.
Don’t be too good a guy.

Please take good care of yourself.
Keep your rifle in your sight, every single second.
Sling it and hug it when you sleep.
Resist when you feel it being taken away.
Pick up every shells of the blanks and etc.  (I don’t wish you to kena SOL like tzehock.) 

that’s basically all that I can say,
While praying for no rain at night…

I wanna see a healthy you on Thursday!


Anything to say?

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