Finally updating on USS!

thanks to Sembcorp i have the once a lifetime chance to go USS!
coz my thinking previously was since i don’t take the rides, why will i waste the money to buy the tickets?

now that i’ve went, i realise i can actually take almost all the rides.
ofc NOT the battle stars galatica.
that is really insane i wont ever ever take that!

actually, i really think that USS stractures are more stable then the genting ones.
the genting ones really make me feel scared, and insecure.

and i figured that i need to go with people that will scream on the rides.
i cannot take with those daring people that laugh during these kind of scary rides.
i will be too paiseh to be myself, then i wouldn’t enjoy myself.

thanks to fen, i screamed at every possible chance to avoid not being able to scream. 😆

really really a achievement, the revenge of the mummy.
i never really thought that i could handle roller coaster.
after being scared by the pirate ship when young. 😐


BEST ride: Revenge of the mummy
BEST 4D show: Transformers
BEST musical: Monster Rock




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