• Boyf haven’t kena guard duty yet.
  • and he failed to get the next monday one. ):
  • If he kena on 26 Nov, means morning book out evening book in.
  • which is like might as well don’t book out!
  • field camp cum SIT test will start on 2nd Dec.
  • his next book out will be on 9 Dec instead.
  • which means, i most prob cant see him for 3 long weeks?
  • and that is so much more worst than the confinement week. ๐Ÿ˜

told him long ago that he should volunteer for guard duty already.
then would have THAT high chance to kena it before the field camp week…

it’s okay, if i can get through confinement week, no reason why i wouldn’t for this. ((:

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